Friday, February 10, 2012

Geeky Strings: Geek Music Of A Different Kind

Music is one of the best things ever. It can make you feel happy or sad, get you excited or fill you with suspense. What would life be without music? Boring! Can you imagine movies or video games without musical swells? The suspense, the romance, the adventure wouldn't be nearly as epic without a killer soundtrack.
I know I've posted geeky music here before, but this time it's different. This is less about geeks maiking their own music, this time it's more of a homage to the orchestral music that's helped change our lives. I have no doubt that you will recognize these song immediately.

First off we have The Piano Guys, who are not actually playing the piano, but Cellos! And if that's not cool enough, they're playing Star Wars music!

I think they must have to have really strong force shields on their strings so they don't slice them in two with their lightsaber bows. What? I'm a geek, I think about these things.

My favorite part is Darth Vader Forcing them to play his theme.

Next is a peppy girl, named Lindsay Sterling, on a violin who can whisk you away to far off places and other worlds with her beautiful renditions of great geeky music.

I love her videos! She's so cute and quirky and her destinations are perfect for her music! Here's hoping she make a lot more geeky videos in the future!

Thanks to Geekologie for sharing his love of geek music with the world

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