Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Star Wars Geek Chic

Love Star Wars? Want to show your geeky pride, but aren't into graphic t's or cosplay? Well, these outfits are for you.

The girls of Disney Bound came up with a great idea; take traditional character costumes and recreate them with regular clothes. They mostly do Disney outfits, but every once in a while, they take on other, more geekier genres; like Star Wars.

I really love the Padme outfits. But then her outfits have always been my favorite. The red and gold always signify royalty to me and it's very reminiscent of her throne room outfit (my all time favorite!)

The Princess Leia outfits are subtle and soft; which is true for her outfits, if not her personality. 

These Luke Skywalker outfits have the elegance of a jedi knight while still having a comfortable farm boy feeling.

Can you feel the fashion power of the dark side? I love the Stormtrooper outfit! I would wear that everywhere!

If these are the droid duds you're looking for, I can see why! I love the shine and glitter that these to outfits have, but if it were me, I'd add some detail belts to the middle to give them a more authentic look.

Whether hanging out in the swamps of Dagobah or rubbing shoulders with politicians and jedi in Coruscant, there's a Yoda outfit for you! I love both these outfits so much!

For those of us who have Boba Fett-ishes, these are great, everyday outfits. I actually own a Boba Fett inspired outfit. It consists of a yellow t-shit that I wear under a moss green tank top. I love it!

 Now how cute would these be with my Boba Fett bag? 

Wouldn't that just be perfect? (you can order one here)

These are just a few of the great Star Wars outfits. You can check out the rest here or you can take a look at all of their creations here.

So, what characters inspire your clothing choices? Let me know. In the mean time, I'll be making as many Padme outfits as I can :P

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  1. MArvellous! :)
    I just have to do that Darth Vader fashion outfit!
    Thank you for the idea!