Sunday, February 19, 2012

Geeky Gamer Jewelry

I'm a geek and a girl, as you already know if you've ever looked at this blog before. I always get excited when new merchandise comes out that's actually aimed at at those two categories. That's why I'm super excited to show you new geeky gamer jewelry!! And awesome geeky gamer jewelry at that! I've seen some before, but it was never very good quality or it was super expensive like the DC jewelry.

Love the old nintendo controllers? Show you're love with this cute heart controller or this cute D-pad necklace and A + B button earring set.

 With these amazing Portal earrings, you really can have things slip in one ear and out the other!

Hey! Listen!! These Legend of Zelda earrings will help show off your Hyrulian pride! I bet the girl from the Navi song would love these!

Don't forget to take all of your heart container pins with you when you go out. You wouldn't want to run out!

All these, plus all sorts of pokemon pins, posters, stickers and t-shirts are available at Sanshee. Not to mention, they're all priced really reasonably.

Etsy seller Spaztazm makes these adorable Mario/nintendo inspired jewelry out of polymer clay.

I love that the chain chomps and piranha plants look like they're biting your earlobes! How very true to character.

Blooper squids!!! I love Blooper squids!!!

Look at the cute Kirby's hanging off of stars! I love their little feet!

Look! The metroids are all veiny on the inside! How cool is that?

She has all kinds of cute earrings, necklaces and hair accessories here, so check them out!

Thanks to So Geek Chic for always posting amazing geek stuff for girls!

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