Thursday, April 21, 2011

Sexy And Geeky Underwear; A Winning Combination

I love fun and colourful panties. When you're having a bad day, knowing that your underwear is fun can make all the difference.
Fun, colourful and geeky panties are even better. I only own a few pairs of those; Batgirl, Wonder Woman and Boba Fett. But don't worry, there will only be more in time.

Like these for example;

Do I ever want these!

I love me some Cap and this would be an awesome way to show my support. Not to mention that the 'figure' on it gives the chest a nice roundness to it. I also love the belt on the bottoms. Super cute.

Now Spencers isn't just offering Captain America cami sets, but also these lovely Marvel ladies:

Black Widow looks the least realistic to me out of all of them (if a cartoon cutout printed on a camisole can be considered realistic), I mean just check out the unzipped neckline and that fiery background! But again I'm loving the belt so I guess that makes up for it.

White Queen, otherwise known as Emma Frost, is one of my least favorite Marvel women, but I still like this set. It certainly is cheaper than going out and buying a white leather corset (and probably comfier to sleep in too)

As far as realistic goes, I think that She Hulk pulls it off the best. (Do to the green skin perhaps?)  I also love the fact that she's wearing jeans. I'm not really sure why, but I do.

Last but not least is Spider Man (Or Spider-Girl according to the shorts) Out of all the shapes, I think this one could use a little work. Perhaps if they changed the background to a different colour, you could properly tell that it's trying to be shapely.

It's kind of funny, usually I find clothes that try and depict a different shape on them to be distastefull and tacky, but I actually like these and plan to own a few different (or possibly all) pairs. Mind you, you won't see me leaving the house in them, so I guess that's ok. right?

So what do you think? Would you wear them or want a girl to wear them for you? Is the cutout shape distastefull or fun? Should I buy these and if so, what pair?

That's to Fashionable Geek for the sexy tip

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Angry Birds Trailer

Angry Birds, the silly, crazy iPhone game that has taken the world by storm.
I love this game soooo much! Heck, I even got my mom hooked on it.
But would it work as a movie? The guys at Rooster Teeth, who brought you the Awesomeness of Red vs. Blue, think so.

You won't like me when I'm Angry...Birds!

I feel torn about whether this movie would actually do well in theaters or not. I'd probably go see it. Would you?

Found on Geekologie

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Navi's Song

Hey, hey listen...
Yes Navi, we hear you...

So remember the girl who did the Star Trek Girl song? Well she's back again, pretending to be one of the most annoying, yet adorable sidekicks in video game history.

This video is pretty cute and I keep getting the song stuck in my head, which I don't seem to mind. Just like her last song, she talks a lot after the song ends about which is her favorite Zelda game, so be warned. I also find it amusing that she calls Ocarina of Time old school. She must not have been old enough to play the original when it came out. 
Am I dating myself? Fuck yeah!

I must say, I am curious to see what she does next, perhaps a song about the dog from Duck Hunt. Oh wait, I'm dating myself again.... :P

Thanks to Geekologie for it's constant barrage of crazy songs

Monday, April 4, 2011

BEST Cartoon Theme Songs EVER!!!

Oh geek boys, sing me another one. How about G.I. Joe or Transformers? I would be yours forever and ever!
As you may have guessed, here are 3 dudes with pretty great voices singing TV opening song from when I was a kid; TMNT, Ducktales and Pokemon. Ok, so I was older when Pokemon came out but I still watched the first season.

What songs would you put together if you were going to do a medley?

Thanks to Geekologie who knows a good song when he hears one.

8-Bit Stockings

These, like the Princess Leia stockings, made both my geeky and pin-up sides very, very happy.
So far I've not found out if these are for sale anywhere, but if they are, boy, do I ever want a pair!

So tell me, would you wear them or want a girl to wear them for you?
Do you think Princess Peach wears these under her dress?

Thanks to Geekologie for getting this geek girl excited!