Thursday, January 22, 2015

Period Panties

Is it Shark Week?

The Witching Moon?

Has Aunt Flo come for her monthly visit?

Catching the Crimson Wave?

Whatever you call it, I'm talking about periods.
So if you're squeamish about a ladies monthly bleeding, turn back now. Also, GROW UP. Periods are a fact of life.

Now, for those of you willing to continue,  I've got some good news

It's not going to stop you from having your period or getting cramps or all of the other crappy side effects, but it will make having your period a little more snarky and stylish

"Period Panties are fun underwear that high-five you for having ovaries and serve as a friendly reminder to others! These underwear are a boy brief style, featuring dementedly cute designs and a black inner front panel to help hide stains."

It's really hard for me to decide which ones are my favorite. Maybe Cunthulhu or Bleeder of the Pack. All I know is that I'm going to feel crampy, yet still kick-ass in these.

You can buy them here for $12 a pop or buy 4 get 1 free. There is also a mystery 3 pack that you can buy if you're indecisive and love them all.

Now before I scream Bloody Murder, I'm off to take some Midol.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Geeky Temporary Tattoos

This is my 400th post!!! Woo Hoo! Go me!
and to celebrate. I'm going to talk about something I love!

I love tattoos, but damn do they hurt. 
I have 4 as it is already. 
My 2 bees that make up my chest piece, my star on the small of my back and my rebel alliance tattoo on my left hip.

But I want more.... oh so many more..... 

I'm always trying to decide what I want next and its hard to choose. 
Do I get my half-sleeve done or do I go the Sailor Jupiter Wand on my thigh?


Do I go for the Chakras down my spine or Princess Peach on my other thigh?


It would be nice to try them out for awhile and see how I feel before committing them to my body forever.

For others who are undecicive like me, or just don't want to commit to forever, these totally geeky, totally temportary tattoos from Seventh Skin are for you.

Lord Of The Rings

Harry Potter

A Song Of Ice And Fire (Game of Thrones)

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass

The Little Mermaid


Beauty and the Beast

Corpse Bride

The Addams Family

Assassin's Creed

Oh now I want soooo many more tattoos... 
Maybe the White Queen chest piece or The Little Mermaid chest piece. I do like the elvish script too.... so hard to choose.

At least if I try these out, it won't hurt my pocket book as much as a real tattoo. These babies run from $3-20 which is super reasonable if you ask me.

So which ones do you want?