Monday, June 6, 2016

Thursday Threads (Mystery Monday) - LDC - Final Fantasy

Thursday Threads on a Monday? What is the World coming to?

I would've saved this for Thursday but Living Dead Company is having a Mystery Monday sale and these awesome Final Fantasy 7 cosplay dresses and shirts are only available today!
So if you want them, today is the day to get them!

I'm  actually impressed with how good these outfits translate into dresses

I am in love with Cloud's Soldier costume

Kupo! How cute is this Moogle dress?

I'm so happy that they put Zach's outfit in this collection! He's my favorite 

So, are you going to run out and buy these right now? Or are you like me, waiting for the FF8 collection?

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Thursday Threads - Living Dead Company

Would you kindly look at these new, amazing lines by Living Dead?
As if all the awesome clothes that they've put out in the past weren't enough, they are out with 2 new lines to impress even the most hard core geeks out there.


I love this game. It was the first game that Adam and I played together. I was so creeped out and intrigued by it, that I actually went out and bought the prequel novel just to learn more about this world. And I want more!
This line of clothing is a good start

I am in love with these macabre Big Daddy and Little Sister Dresses, although I wish the latter came looking a little more disheveled  

These Big Sister catsuit and legging set are exceptional!

I can't decide if I want the Welcome to Rapture shirt or the Would You Kindly dress more

Sailor Moon

LDC has always had great Sailor Moon dresses, so I'm super excited that they've added more shirts, dresses and leggings to that collection

Although I always think they miss the mark with these by not making them V-necks.

Scouts and cats and even masks! Oh my!

I do hope that this Tuxedo Mask shirt comes with the mask

And if you're one of those people that dresses up your dog or pets, (It's okay. Who am I to judge?) they have the entire scouts line in pet sizes too!

 In the name of the Moon, would you kindly tell me what I should buy first?