Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Creepy Baby Joker Doll

I'll admit it, I like dolls. I'm a collector of Barbies and Star Wars dolls as well as awesome action figures. But even for me, this crosses the line.

Introducing the WORLD BOX 1/6 Scale Lakor Baby aka The Creepy Joker Baby

 Look, it even comes with a regular head in case you get so creeped out that you can no longer stand to have it stare at you with it's creepy evil baby eyes!

Seriously though (Why so serious? says creepy baby) Who the hell would want this thing? I expect that it would come alive at night and kill me in my sleep. I'd be awake all night waiting to hear it's evil baby laugh...

Yup, that's the one... the one that will bring your doom!

Well, if you do decide that it's worth the sleepless nights due to baby killer nightmares here's a link to the project page. And if even seeing pictures of this thing gives you nightmares, well you came blame Geekology for that. 

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