Thursday, February 2, 2012

Alien Beach Crashers

You remember Team Unicorn, right?
4 sexy, geeky girls?
Of course you do, who could forget G33k & G4m3r Girls, A Very Zombie Holiday or Super Harmony?

They, like us, seem to be wishing for those blissful summer months that seem so far away from this dreary winter. They dream of surf, sand, dancing, romance and alien invasion... wait...what?

There are so many things that I love about this video

1. Zachery Levi
2. Zachery Levi in short shorts
3. The book that Michelle Boyd is reading is called The Art Of Being A Unicorn
4. The lyrics to the songs are awesome
5. You can actually purchase the album on iTunes
6. The making of video with close ups of Zachery Levi's short shorts

I hereby profess my love to you Team Unicorn!

While I was doing some research on this, I discovered that the Unicorn's now have an actual website and not just a youtube page (which was all they had the last time I checked)
I was very excited that you can watch all their videos, read their extremely geeky bios, by merchandise (I want everything) and join what they call the UniCorps!

Yup, you better believe I joined the UniCorps

That's right, +10 to Awesome!

Thanks Team Unicorn, for making me +10 more Awesome than I already was!

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