Thursday, February 9, 2012

Queen Amidala T-shirts

When I first saw Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace in theaters on opening day I wasn't yet a Star Wars fan. I know, I know, shocking! I went because my boyfriend at the time and all of our friends wanted to be there for opening night. I went along for the hell of it. Considering that I had no expectations of what it was going to be, I actually enjoyed it quite a bit. I mean, it wasn't the originals, but I didn't really care. Sure, the pod-racing was boring and Anakin's pick-up line about being an Angel was lame, but that's not what excited me about the movie. To me, the best part of the whole thing was Padmé Amidala (and the fight with Darth Maul at the end). 

She was amazing as a Queen and as a hand maiden. I love strong, female characters and Padmé was no exception. She, to this day, is one of my heroes; up there with Princess Leia and Batgirl. She is the reason that I love the prequels. She is the mother of Leia and Luke, the crux and redemption of Anakin, she is a strong leader and diplomat, isn't afraid to do her own dirty work and last but not least, she does it in a kick-ass wardrobe.

This is my favorite outfit ever! When I get better at sewing, I plan to make myself this costume and join the Rebel Legion with it. Anyone can make a Princess Leia costume, but few can make a convincing Queen Amidala outfit.

It's also hard to find good merchandise of her. So far the only things that I've been able to find are these:

A Queen Amidala Classic Bust

Every doll that I could get my hands on

An awesome notepad

 A 1999-2000 calendar

And of course, my Padme Nouveau shirt from Her Universe.

I've recently come across a few other Padme t-shirts, but they are few and far between. These are for sure on my Want List! 

First up is Zazzle. You can have anything made on Zazzle, which is pretty cool if you ask me. They have quite a few Padme shirts on there, but most of them are just square screen shots, and I don't really like those. This siloette and name, however, are right up my ally.

I just came across this amazing t-shirt on RedBubble while Google searching to see if there were any t-shirts that I didn't know about. I must say, I'm glad I did!

This shirt is the reason I decided to write this post. This fantastic shirt is only available for 3 more days!! (February 12th) Oh, how I wish I had the money to buy this. Stupid you-only-have-a-few-days-to-buy-it websites...

"Her name is Padme, and she dances on the sand (of Tatooine)..." Naboo royalty meets eighties fashion art iconography. Unspeakably cool.
It's designed by Craig Drake who has done some of my favorite Star Wars art.
Thanks to The Official Star Wars Blog for letting me know about this great shirt.

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