Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Harley Quinn's Greatest Show On Earth

Who doesn't love Harley Quinn? She's vivacious, fun, quirky, crazy and sexy. She brings more depth to The Joker and Poison Ivy and she has an awesome back story! She was originally only suppose to be a walk on role, but soon to become a regular character and a fan favorite. Other than Slave Leia, Harley Quinn is probably one of the top cosplayed female characters. And who can blame those girls for wanting to wear the red and black spandex and run around acting crazy? Heck, even I've thought of doing it.
Kate Quinn and Tara Strand took it one step further than cosplay and came up with this great little video

 A little piece of a music video with Tara Strand as Harley Quinn performing to "Greatest Show On Earth" by Macy Gray from the "Idlewild" soundtrack by Outkast. This was created as a part of the collaborative Harley Quinn music video project conceived by Kate Quinn at Hope you enjoy!
PS - The straight jacket bit is part of an act developed for the awesome sauce all-girl sideshow troupe The Sideshow Sirens! Check us out!:

 It wouldn't have been the music I would've picked, but then I'm not a huge Macy Gray fan. The whole thing is super fun and super sexy! I do love a little burlesque, especially geeky burlesque. I'm actually wearing my burlesque bombshell shirt today. Go figure.

So if you could do or see any geeky burlesque, what would you want it to be of, or is Harley Quinn right up your ally?

Thanks to F* Yea Harley Quinn for the tip and 1nch for the amazing Harley Quinn art

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