Thursday, February 16, 2012

Marvel Messenger Bags

So many schools and companies have their logos mass produced on bags and other merchandise these days. It's hard not to notice if someone went to MIT or works for Apple. Are you feeling left out that your school/job isn't as cool as someone else? Well, make them jealous when they see you carting these totes.

How cool would it actually be to work at Stark Industries? I bet they recruit right out of Xavier's School. I always thought it would be awesome to be a young mutant and go to school with other mutants. I always wanted to be just like Jean Grey... 

well, until she took on the Phoenix and went crazy and died and came back to life and then died again and then came back to life... and so on and so on... I'm totally behind on my X-Men, because I didn't even know that they had opened a school in Jean's name and that Logan was Headmaster! I was never much of a Wolverine fan, but his love and devotion to Jean always melted my heart. Although Cyclops had some redeeming qualities, I always thought Jean was with the wrong man. But that's just me.

Sorry, I try not to get caught up in shipping, but sometimes I can't help it

Anyway, if you want to try and convince people that you work for a kick-ass company with an Iron President or that you're genetically gifted, you can buy these bags here.

Thanks to Fashion Tips From Comic Strips for her kick ass fashion genes.

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