Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Navi's Song

Hey, hey listen...
Yes Navi, we hear you...

So remember the girl who did the Star Trek Girl song? Well she's back again, pretending to be one of the most annoying, yet adorable sidekicks in video game history.

This video is pretty cute and I keep getting the song stuck in my head, which I don't seem to mind. Just like her last song, she talks a lot after the song ends about which is her favorite Zelda game, so be warned. I also find it amusing that she calls Ocarina of Time old school. She must not have been old enough to play the original when it came out. 
Am I dating myself? Fuck yeah!

I must say, I am curious to see what she does next, perhaps a song about the dog from Duck Hunt. Oh wait, I'm dating myself again.... :P

Thanks to Geekologie for it's constant barrage of crazy songs

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