Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Latest Look at the Adidas Star Wars Line

I feel like I'm always talking about this line of shoes from Adidas. But every time I turn around, there always seem to be more of them coming out. Not that I mind; I love seeing them and I want to own every single pair of them (even though they're almost all men's shoes). These new shoes and accessories are no exception to that.
These new Droid kicks are weird, but I still quite like them.

R2-D2 on the outside, C-3PO on the inside. I would've liked them better if they were each their own shoe, but what can you do?
I really like the circuitry detail on the 3PO side

How about some Dark Side on the Death Star?

I say Dark Side and Death Star because I'm not really sure what the DS stands for. You see, the shoes say Super Death Star on them

But the jacket that goes with them says Dark Side!

What's a girl to think?
Speaking of jackets, here are two more to go with the Boba Fett and Chewbacca shoes from my last Adidas post (or maybe it was the post before that?) 

I want this jacket sooo bad!

And this one looks super warm for those cold Hoth (Canadian) winters.

But if it's going to be cold and I'm going to stay super cool, I think I need some Carbonite shoes.

I actually really like these. They're a bit plain, but I love the gun metal/carbonite grey. And is that a hint of blue I see? Awesome!

Now if only they'd make me some ANH princess Leia shoes; maybe white with silver accents?
Or some Han Solo ones; maybe blue with the Corellian Bloodstripe down the side?
That's right Adidas, you should hire me to design your Star Wars line ;)

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