Friday, August 20, 2010

Adidas Employees Really Know Thier Star Wars

So I happened to be passing an Adidas Store yesterday when I decided to stop in and see if they still had any Slave Leia kicks.

I was sad to hear that they had sent them all off to their outlet location
(which I'm not sure how to get to)

But she told me not to worry as they were getting a brand new shipment of Star Wars shoes in soon.
I asked if they were getting any more of the ones I wanted.
She said no, but was totally excited to tell me about the Star Wars Jabberwocky shoes that were being sent.

Jabberwocky? Like from Alice In Wonderland? In Star Wars?

I thanked her and left feeling rather confused. Then it dawned on me;





Jabba-wookiee (Jabberwocky)

Thanks Adidas chick, you made my day :D

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