Thursday, September 30, 2010

Princess Leia Stockings

Awhile back, I was perusing one of my daily websites, Let The Wookiee Win, when I came across these beauties. Never in my life did I ever think that they would make Princess Leia stockings! I was totally stoked and immediately set about seeing where I could get a pair for myself.
It appears that the only place you can get them is from a company in Australia and only through ebay. I've always been a little leery about ebay, but I know other people who use it all the time without any complaint.
I weighed my options for about 5 seconds, before placing my first bid ever. And you know what? 7 days later, I WON! woot!
Shipping from Australia took a bit of time, which was just fine with me. I had almost forgotten about them when they showed up in my mailbox the other day!
YAY! I own Princess Leia Stockings!!
The packaging it came in was simple and very similar to the picture above.

What I wasn't expecting was the fact that the picture is on both stockings! Score!!

I'm also quite happy with the quality of both the stocking and the picture. I didn't know how clear the picture would turn out, but it's very good.

It's just my camera skills that could use some work ;)
Yay for R2-D2!

I couldn't wait to try them on and snap some pictures. Turns out it's really hard to take pictures of your own legs. But I did try.

I really wish this picture had turned out clearer. I quite like it.

Finding something I could wear with these was a bit of a challenge. I finally went for a black strapless number, that's really hard to see in this picture, but I guarantee it's there.

I don't know if I'll ever actually wear these anywhere, as I don't want to ruin them, but it's hard not to.
If you want to get a pair of your own, there's a few auctions going on now for pairs and the price on one is still really low. Who knows, you might get a really good deal like I did.
Check out the auctions here & here.

And if you've missed these auctions, don't worry, they seem to always have at least 1 set up for bid.

If any of you do end up ordering a pair, drop me an email letting me know what you think or even send me a picture. I'd love to hear from you.

Jedi Kim has sent me a message letting me know that these stockings are based on her arm tattoo that was designed her her! How crazy is that? And what an awesome tattoo! A picture of her tattoo was put in a tattoo book and I guess the company that makes the stockings stole it from her!


  1. well...interesting to find someone wearing these. that's my tattoo! I had this tattoo designed for me 11 years ago and have been wearing it ever since. I found these on eBay and was hoping to file a copyright lawsuit, but that's impossible with them being made in China. So own a piece of me...huh.

  2. That's crazy! I can see why you'd be upset! I know I would be too!
    On the other hand, you can be proud that you picked such an awesome design that people want to be just like you! I know I do!

    If you want, I can make an amendment to my post and list you as the source of where all the awesomeness started?

  3. Thanks :) It's a very bizarre feeling finding your arm sleeve on someone's legs. hahaha. I would love a minor mention...I have a feeling these were made due to me being published in a tattoo book. :)

  4. Sorry this took me so long, but I've updated the post