Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Tunage Tuesday - PlayerPiano

It's Tuesday again and I've got some killer piano tunes for you today from none other than PlayerPiano

You may remember this lovely lady from other videos such as the Star Wars Duels or Because You Can Never Have Too Much Geek Music, known for her geeky pianos and awesome cosplay

First up we have a great Tomb Raider Medley that spans 20 years of gameplay. This video has lots of costumes and set changes which makes me very happy

And if you didn't think her playing in the rain was great, check out her costumes changes as she regenerates through all of the Doctors in this Doctor Who theme

That was incredible!
But wait until you see this Nintendo piano! It even has the cords! Be still my heart!

So, did she take you through a jouney of pop culture? I know I was swept away.

Thanks to Nerd Approved who knows a great song when they hear one

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