Thursday, November 24, 2016

Thursday Threads - Punk Rock Sailor Moon and Friends

art by Shoomlah

Is Sailor Moon a little tame for you? Do you wish it had more edge? More punk rock? Well, my friends, do I have something for you!

Living Dead has released a new line of Punk Rock Sailor Moon designs and they are awesome!

Sailor Moon "I will punish you"

Sailor Mercury "Bubbilious"

Sailor Mars "Hell on Heels"

Sailor Jupiter "Rolling Thunder"

Sailor Venus "Tough Love"

I love and want all of these Punk Rock Dresses! Especially Jupiter! But that's not all I want from Living Dead, I also want every dress from their other (less punk rock) pop culture line

Who wouldn't want MLP dresses with Cutie Marks included?

Or Pokemon Sun & Moon Legendaries and Starters?

I know who I'm choosing, do you?

Or if you're not a Pokemon or MLP fan, maybe this Noctis dress is more your speed

Or is your power level over 9000?

Maybe you're more of a seeker with these Hogwart Quidditch dresses?

What ever you're into, enjoy it with these great dresses. Isn't it about time you started your Christmas wish list?

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