Friday, November 4, 2016

Ghostbusters - Why Representation Matters

So many people complained and tried to boycott the new all-female cast of Ghostbusters, but thank god it it was made!
Looking at pop culture and children, we usually see boys being dressed up as their favorite movie characters, especially when it comes to Ghostbusters.
Well, not any more. Here is why representation both in gender and skin colour is so important.
We as girls and girls of colour can finally see ourselves as whatever we want to be and this Halloween really proved that point.

Yes, that's 28 little girls dressed up as Ghostbusters. Be still my swelling heart. It brings me to tears knowing that this is only a fraction of the girls who went as Ghostbusters this year. I know even I walked out of the movie knowing that I, too, could be a Ghostbuster. It's a damn good feeling. 
So Hollywood, keep making movies like this. Give our girls more strong, fun, crazy role-models for the future generations to aspire to 

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