Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Saint Pop Culture

Now, I'm not usually one who talks about religion or politics, but I thought that these amazing statues were too amazing not to share. These are suppose to be fun and contemplative and are not meant as a slight to anyone
Whether you are religious or not, you have to admit that pop culture has become something that people worship. Soasig Chamaillard took this idea and brought it to life with her pop culture statues. Here's what she has to say about them:

"I grew up in a Christian Western society. My perspective on life has been a result of my environment and background.
The playful interaction of society’s many icons, physical transformations, and the resulting improbable combinations, have culminated in my vision of a woman’s role and place in our society.
This inner questioning of a woman’s role, has led me to use one of the most sacred icons in my work, namely, the Virgin Mary.
Initially, I begin with damaged statues, either donated or discovered in garage sales, which I then restore and transform.
I surely do not mean to chock those who believe but rather to move those who see."

I see what she is trying to say and the art that follows is blowing my mind

It's no surprise to me that our fanatical devotion to our fandoms have led to something like this.
So, which alter do you bow to?

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