Thursday, November 3, 2016

Thursday Threads - Terrific Tights

I'm not one for tights. I mean, I love the idea of them, but in practical everyday use, I rarely wear them.
These fun tights might just change my mind about that though

Ever wanted to be a Mermaid or a Dragon in real life? Tinkercast has got you covered with these amazing scaled tights in many beautiful colours

Be still my heart, these Dragon scales are to die for!

Oh and the fins on the sides.... LOVE!

Virivee had a similar idea in making their tights, but they are different and beautiful in their own right and desever their own place in your heart (and wardrobe)

Not only do they have the gorgous scales, but beautiful ombre tights in many bright and vivid colours, and fun graphic tights that will make you smile.

Ever realize you're about to leave the house in your favorite sandels only to realize that you forgot to paint your toenails? Fear not, just slide on a pair of these crazy toenail tights from Belle Maison

That's right, each pair has it's own painted toenails on it so you don't have to worry. Plus, Disney themes! Can't go wrong there! I'm not sure how comfortable they would be, but their certainly fun

So what kind of fun tights do you like? Or do you like to bare it all like me? Either way, stay fun and fashionable.

Thanks to Fashionably Geek for loving geek beauty from head to toenail

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