Friday, November 18, 2016

Thursday Threads - Fantastic Clothes and Where To Find Them

Is everyone excited about Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them? 
I know I am and so is Hot Topic!
They've released a gorgeous line of clothes to match the movie, so if you've got time today to swing by a Hot Topic today before you go to the theatre, you could be walking into the movie in one of these great outfits!

 While you're there looking for new everyday cosplay outfits, check out these great Marvel collabs between HT and Her Universe! I've loving the Captain Marvel and Agent Carter dresses! 

Or you can get into a Time Travel mood with these Great Doctor Who finds 

ThinkGeek & Her Universe have paired up again to release this amazing Star Trek collection of fashion to help dress up, geek up and beam up your wardrobe

I want everything from this collection. EVERYTHING!

BlackMilk wants to remind us where Fantastic Beasts came from with a trip back to Hogwarts. I'm loving these House Crest dresses. You can imagine my want for the Ravenclaw dress

 This incredible dress is reversible, showing the journey to Hogwarts on one side and the Great Hall on the other. Too cool!

Grab your wizard wands and robes, time machine or star ship and set off for a great weekend of geeky exploration!

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