Thursday, November 10, 2016

Thursday Threads - BlackMilk's Marvel New York Collection

Hooray for BlackMilk's new Marvel New York Collection. 
As if BlackMilk wasn't enough of a draw on it's own, now they are trying to entice me to empty my wallet once again with a great and daring new collection of superheroes and super clothing

Just look at these dresses! I want every one, starting with that Captain America Marilyn dress, then quickly followed by the reversible Spiderman/Venom number 

I'm loving the Wasp skirt and really badly want to add it to my collection

Not sure how I feel about overalls and jumpsuits, but I could be convinced to lounge around the house in the latter or any of these great leggings

I'm glad that they are still making bathing suits, but I wish that they would have more selection. Same goes for these kick-ass jackets 

The shirts are not my style, but BlackMilk seems to like them and you might too. I'd be more likely to use them for workout clothes. 

 So, what's your take on this new super collection? I think it's right up my crime-fighting ally

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