Thursday, November 17, 2016

Happy Life Day

It's that time of year again. 
Grab your loved ones and your favorite red snuggy and gather around and share the goodness of Wookiee Life Day

Wait, you say.... are you talking about the Star Wars Holiday Special? 
Yes, I am
But isn't it a Christmas movie?
Nope, the Star Wars Holiday Special was released as a US Thanksgiving Special (Novemeber 17 1978), not Christmas like everyone seems to think.

Now most people have never seen this Holiday masterpiece do to the fact that it has never been re-released and is almost impossible to find.
Did I say masterpiece..... I lied. This movie is terrible. It's not even good in a bad sort of way that makes it worth watching, It's just terrible. That being said, you should still probably watch it, just to say that you've seen it and lived to tell the tale.

It gives us such quality(?) pieces such as Chewbaca's creepy-ass family

Super pretty Luke

Stoned out of her gourd Leia

 the Holiday Special Cartoon

with the introduction to Boba Fett

and my personal favorite Cooking with Chef Gormanda

Seriously though, this is my favorite part and I want to re-enact it some day

So, is that enough to tempt you into watching it? 
I hope so because HERE IT IS!!

Yes, all 96 horrible minutes of it. 

And Happy Life Day to us all.

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