Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Tunage Tuesday - Lindsay Sterling

I'm sure you all remember Lindsay Sterling. She's pretty much the reason that I started Tunage Tuesday. She's a wiz on violin and an amazing dancer and her videos are always incredible!

Here are some new videos for you to enjoy

First up, the Spiderman movie theme featuring Lang Lang

Wasn't that gorgeous?

This next one is called Heist and has a great video game theme 

I would totally play that game, especially if it had that killer soundtrack

This next one, featuring ZZ Ward, has a great Alice in Wonderland theme to it. I love the song and the video so much!

This last one is much more fun and poppy called Prism. 

Is is making fun of our favourite pop culture icons or just paying homage to them? I'll let you decide
Either way, it's super fun!

Hopefully she will keep making these awesome videos in the future, because I will keep sharing them.

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