Thursday, March 1, 2012

Avenger Time

Love the Avengers? Love Adventure Time? Love a good crossover?
Well, so does Mad TV!
Introducing Avenger Time!!

That was awesome, wasn't it? I think the guys at MAD TV did a great job. Here are a few fun facts that they had about this cartoon.

  • This segment has the same name as the T-shirt containing Jake and Finn in Avenger costumes.  
  • (you can buy it here)
  • However in the picture, Jake is Iron Man instead of Hulk. So this could be an inspiraton for MAD to create this segment.
  • The Avenger crew turned mostly like this:
1. Captain America as Finn
2. Hulk as Jake
3. Iron Man as Lumpy Space Princess (LSP)
4. Thor as Muscle Princess (possibly)
  • Finn and Jake mostly turned like this:
1. Finn as a super powered Batman
2. Jake as the Thing
  • Other Dimensions included were:
1. The Avengers Dimension
2. The Marvel Super Heroes (1960's)
3. Super Hero Squad Show
4. Adventure Time Dimension
  • Red Skull had two bandages on his forehead.
  • The title of Avenger Time looked similar to Adventure Time.
  • The Ice King in this segment almost sounded similar to the Ice King in Adventure Time, because he is voiced by Tom Kenny, but the Ice King looks different.
  • When Ice King freezes Captain America in a block of ice, Iron Man remarks that he cannot stop getting frozen, but this is actually a reference to when Captain America gets frozen in a block of ice during World War II and gets unfrozen during the 21st century.
  • The scene where Captain America meets the Watcher on the moon is a reference to the pilot episode of Adventure Time, where Finn meets Abraham Lincoln on Mars after the Ice King froze him.
  • The Watcher's voice seems similar to Gazpacho, Master Shake and Mr. Baldwin from Chowder, Aqua Teen Hunger Force and Fish Hooks respectively, because they are voiced by Dana Synder.
  • Captain America's voice is similar to Chris Griffin from Family Guy.
  • Antagonists: Red Skull and Ice King
  • Second time Adventure Time gets spoofed. The first time was from Malcolm in the Middle Earth.

I've never actually seen Adventure Time, but I hear it's amazing and I really do want to watch it.
 Speaking of The Avengers, have you guys seen the new Trailer yet?

YAY! It looks so great! I can't wait to see it! I do hope that they actually let Hawkeye speak at some point. So far he's gotten the shaft in all the trailers.

Thanks to Look At This Frakking Geekster and I Watch Stuff for these awesome videos

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