Saturday, March 17, 2012

Spiderman Nail Polish Line

Spiderman, Spiderman
paint my nails like Spiderman
they have lots of funky colours
there is even one that shatters
come look!
my nails are Spiderman!

Ok, ok, so I'm not really good at making up songs, but you get the point. While most of us look forward to the upcoming movie and subsequential merchandise aimed mostly at boys and men, we geek girls do get one awesome addition; Spiderman nail polish.

Now I've blogged about nail polish before and that isn't likely to stop any time soon as long as they keep putting out awesome character related colours. There's something just cool about wearing nail polish that corresponds to your favorite character, without having to always wear graphic t-shirts. Right now, my go to colour of nail polish is called Animal-istic and it's based on Animal from the Muppets. I was very disappointment when the Hunger Games nail polish was released, due to crappy names and crappy colours, so when OPI (my favorite nail polish company) released the names of their new Spiderman polish, my faith in pop culture nail polish was renewed.

Ok, so here's what I think about the actual colours;

Your Web Or Mine - I love the pink colour, but I kind of wish it was red solely for the fact that I would like a Spiderman red, a colour that really represents him.
Into The Night - midnight blue is a lovely colour especially for those creepy crawelers who only come out at night.
Call Me Gwen-ever - Although I love the colour and the name, I would've gone with a more traditional Gwen colour like purple or green
Just Spotted The Lizard - A perfect villian inspired colour for the Lizard, but what am I ever going to wear it with?
My Boyfriend Scales Walls - I love a good white polish, but I kind of wish this was a shatter polish. I think it would look kind of like webbing on your nails.
Number One Nemesis - A good gunmetal grey is so hard to find. What it has to do with Spiderman? I guess there could be another villian crammed into the movie somewhere?
Shatter The Scales - (not pictured) A shattering polish, I guess to give the look of the Lizard's hide, but in all the pictures it looks black. I thought maybe it would give that web costume look.

Will I be buying these? YES! Maybe not all of them, but probably most of them. They will make a fine addition to my awesome nail polish collection when they are released in May. Until then, I will keep on wearing my Kermit nail polish.

Thanks to Fashion Tips From Comic Strips and Fashionably Geeky for sharing my geek polish love

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