Monday, March 26, 2012

Villian And Hero Shoes

Don't you wish that there were geeky shoes out there for women? I do. When Star Wars Adidas came out with their Princess Leia shoes, it was all I could do to get my hands on a pair... alas, I never did and they never came out with another pair of shoes for women... 

But now there is hope

Enter Melissa Shoes and her Disney Villains line

How amazing are those? I totally want all of them, but I think the Maleficent ones would be my go to pair, for sure. These shoes are actually eco-friendly. They're made of plastic and is eaisly broken down and recycled. Does that mean they won't last as long as regular shoes? I don't know to be honest, but I still love them. You can check out and buy the rest of her line here.

Not into villains? How about hero off to rescue his Princess?

These awesome Mario and Zelda shoes are made by the Etsy seller Magic Bean Buyer. Aren't they amazing? I love all the little details like the stone across the soles. These aren't your typical shoe paintings, but something so much more! 
They would be perfect fro when I go hear the video game music orchestra! Not to mention a nice way to dress up and dress down at the same time! The price for them is pretty reasonable too, considering the work that goes into them. Which pair do you want? I totally want Bowser's Castle.

Thanks to Stellar Four and Welcome To The Dorkside for brings these awesome kicks to my attention.

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