Friday, March 2, 2012

Princess Peach and Hermione Sing

Oh Geek Music! Can we even get enough? I know I can't, and since this is my blog, I get to subject you to it too! YAY!!

Today we feature Jenny Bede.

Writer, actor and comedian, she's put together some great geeky parodies for us. 
First off, we'll start with Video Games. 

Certainly, you've heard Lana Del Ray's song Video Games. If not, check it out here before watching this video.

If I hadn't seen the other video, I wouldn't have gotten why she was acting so weird in it. Her lip syncing was driving me crazy until I realized that she was just making fun of Lana Del Ray. It's a cute parody though, and Jenny Bede has an amazing voice.

Here is another great one by her, featuring none other than Harry Potter and Hermione (and a crazy looking Ron)

I think the character of Harry Potter is much like Peter Pan; he can be convincingly played by a woman. I doubt the golden trio agree with this song. I'm sure they've had enough of the franchise to last them a life time. It still makes me laugh though.

Hopefully Jenny Bede will continue to make awesome geek parodies for me to feature in the future.

Thanks to The Mary Sue for being totally amazing (and worth checking out)

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