Monday, March 26, 2012

Geeky Lingerie

Ever want to feel like a sexy super heroine? I know I do. Want to dress up for that special someone or maybe even just for yourself?
Well, to all those out there who do, here are a couple great ways to do so. I know I've blogged about Corsets and Pajamas before, but this is a little different.

Going out to formal affairs where I have to dress up are fun, but it's hard to stick to my geeky roots while doing so, but if I had awesome underthings like these, I would feel super all night!

You might have seen the above Wonder Woman sketch circling the internet and thought that that's all it was, but it's actually a prototype drawing of this amazing lingerie that will (hopefully) soon be on sale thanks to Socially Stealth. I totally love the garter belt and I hope they figure out who to make the stockings too!

Or if some time in the future is too vague for you, you can get yourself an awesome Marvel garter belt from Volusious Wear on Etsy. There are geeky and non-geeky alike, so you can choose the pair that works best for you.

I really want to start making my own, but I really have no idea where to even start. Oh wait... Star Wars lingerie... that's a good place to start :P

So, would you wear or want someone to wear geek lingerie?
Should I make my own Star Wars garter belt?

Thanks to Fashionably Geeky and So Geek Chic for the awesome tips.

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