Thursday, March 15, 2012

Animal Avengers

I love my cats. I have 2 of them; an older, white, long haired, female named Rina and a younger, black, short haired, male named Lynx. They're kind of my yin and yang

I always wanted 2 kittens, a black and a white and they just both showed up in my life over the years. It must've been meant to be.

When Ron first started visiting, Rina fell head over paws in love with him and he loves her just as much and spoils her rotten. Since we've moved in together, it's become even worse. When Ron gets home from work, Rina will meow at him until he sits down and pets her for at least 5 minutes and sometimes for as long as an hour. When he's here, Rina is never far from him and and is in his lap as much as possible. 
She sometimes wanders away for a few minutes and then comes running back frantically into his lap as if she's been gone for hours or even days! We've begun to suspect that maybe we have an entrance to Narnia in our house somewhere.

Lately, when he leaves for work in the morning, she's been meowing sadly as loudly as she can, as if mourning that he's gone. I call it cat-erwauling. She sometimes sulks around the house after he leaves too and we've started calling her The Incredible Sulk.

art by Katie Cook

When we heard this little Hulk ditty, we changed up the lyrics and made them about her sulking.
So when I went into PetSmart the other day and found out that they had Avengers dog-wear, I couldn't resist buying her the Incredible Hulk one.

Yes, dogs in t-shirts never cease to amuse me, but cats in t-shirts are even funnier. Especially my cat.

Look at her Sulking!

She is not impressed. She only wore it until Ron came home and then he made me take it off of her. But isn't she cute?

I know, I know, I put a dog t-shirt on my cat. But you know what? I'm not the only one who's done it.
Here's a lovely collection of other cats in Avengers t-shirts.

I think the cats look better than the dogs do, but as I said before, animals in t-shirts just make me laugh.

Thanks to Fashionably Geeky and PetSmart for making this happen; also my cat for being sort of a good sport and not clawing me. Think I should get her an x-men one next?

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