Friday, March 2, 2012

Frankenweenie Remake?

Does anyone remember Frankenweenie? Of course you don't. No one does. 
Well, except maybe hardcore Tim Burton fans and, of course, maybe me.
Now don't think I'm a crazy fan, at least not in this case; the only reason I know about this movie was because it was in the extra features of my Nightmare Before Christmas VHS. I discovered it one day when I let the movie run through the credits instead of just turning it off and rewinding it. It also came with an amazing short called Vincent, about a boy who thought he was Vincent Price.

Frankenweenie wasn't a very good short film, but maybe that was because it was live action. Anyway, Mr. Burton has decided to remake the movie using his ever so loved stop motion animation style.

One of Burton’s first projects, Frankenweenie is a black and white short film about young Vincent, whose dog Sparky dies after being hit by a car. Vincent is, of course, saddened by the death of his dear pet, but luckily, soon after, his science class is shown how to reanimate a dead frog with the use of a battery and some wires. Vincent digs up Sparky, and applies the principles learned in science class to bring Sparky back to life.
If you are fortunate enough to own the 2000 Special Edition DVD set of The Nightmare Before Christmas, then you’ll likely have seen Frankenweenie in the Bonus Features section. If you haven’t, or if you don’t have the DVD, I highly recommend checking out the short. It’s a half hour of typical Burton, featuring such talents as Shelley Duvall (a.k.a. the mom in The Shining) and a thirteen-year-old Sofia Coppola.
It has been 25 years since Tim Burton made Frankenweenie, but the ever-intriguing writer/director/producer has decided the time has come to revisit his early project. While the original Frankenweenie was a live-action short film, Burton’s vision for the update is a full-length stop-motion film.  - atomic popcorn

 The child in this (incidentally name Vincent) looks almost the exact same as the one in the short Vincent. But then again, they both look like they are going to grow up and look like Victor from Corpse Bride.

What is it with Tim Burton and his characters all looking the same? All his animated characters look the same and all of his live action characters all look the same... oh wait.. that's because they're all played by Johnny Depp and Helen Bonham Carter...
Which, on a surprising note, neither of them are doing voices in this movie! Hooray!!!

Don't get me wrong, I love both of them as actors, but it is getting boring to watch them play weird, eccentric characters. Hopefully this will start a new, non-Johnny/Helen reign of awesomeness, but I think at this point, it's still too early to tell.

If you're interested in checking out the original movie, here you go!

and for those that want to see some truly wonderful Tim Burton work, here is Vincent. 

Thanks to The Mary Sue for this teeny-weenie bit of info :P

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