Sunday, November 29, 2009

The BD-3000

The BD-3000 luxury droid, better known in the the Star Wars Universe at The Bettybot, was originally created to look like the late Betty Page.
How awesome is that? As a girl who loves both Star Wars and the Pin-up culture, I was thrilled to see that these two concepts were being intertwined.
This is what had to say about the matter:

During principal photography in Sydney, writer-director George Lucas decided that Bail Organa would be served by a sexy female-shaped attendant droid during scenes set in his office. From this direction, Animation Supervisor Rob Coleman contacted the Art Department at Skywalker Ranch to request concept designs for this new animated character. On set when shooting the Bail Organa office scene, a female stand-in wearing bluescreen material played the droid.
Lucas' directives described the droid as the automated equivalent of Bettie Page, and the droid design quickly earned the nickname "Bettybot." Though the scenes of Bail's offices were ultimately cut from the film, the droid was nonetheless designed and modeled as a CG character. Renamed the BD-3000 droid, it can be seen briefly during the Senate landing platform scenes and the Galaxies Opera House scene.

Too bad for Bail Organa. He probably enjoyed having the sexy bot around. But then again, the SWU has a tendency to take things too far. This may be one of those times.

In addition to its business administration programming, the standard BD-3000 comes equipped to handle over 25 secondary functions, including repulsorlift pilot, cook, tailor and nanny. Expansion slots in both hardware and software allow the BD-3000 to be fitted with combat applications, and some have been known to be reprogrammed as covert bodyguard droids, though LeisureMech does not support such modifications.
Much to the chagrin of LeisureMech publicists, BD-3000 droids have also proven popular in the criminal underworld, where unlicensed aftermarket add-ons -- such as a set of fully articulated lekku -- have seen the droids flourish in far seedier roles than originally intended. 

Creepy.... but still cool none the less.
I may just have to go back and re-watch Episode III and see if I can spot her.

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