Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Time! Part 2

Well, after all of those other costume ideas, I finally went out and bought a costume for myself. And I must say, that in the end, I was very happy with the choice that I made, despite it not being Star Wars related. But it did have to do with one of my other favorite Geeky obsessions: Batman

I found the perfect mix of funny, awesome and sexy (yes I'm one of those girls that like to slut it up a bit for Halloween)

Introducing me as Robin, the Girl Wonder!

Holy Throwing Weapons, Batman!! Check out the Batarangs!!! (A special thanks to Ron and Edgar for making those up for me!)
This costume was just way too fun! and I felt like I could take on the world with it on.

Plus, with my best friend Indiana Jones

my boyfriend Dr. McNinja

The help of some random Superfriends

And Batman, of course

I knew that I could take on all sorts of nasty evil-doers!

Like Penguin and Catwoman for instants

I must say, all the people who stopped and let me take their picture were very good sports and I hope that the people who stopped me for pictures are thinking the same thing.

What a great night!

Oh, and for you people that don't know the awesomness that is Dr. McNinja you should check it out here:

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  1. that picture of you in the robin outfit is super hot! way to go!