Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sexy Halloween Costumes

I love Head Trip so much!
They always have the right joke. I, for one, happen to like sexy costumes, although the Chewbacca one is a little to crazy, even for me.
How do you feel about sexy costumes? Do you like them or do you this they're stupid? Would you wear one or would you rather wear a garbage bag?

More Star Wars And Other Goodies

As you might well know, October is my birthday month. And in celebration of that, I allowed myself to do a little bit of frivolous shopping. I thought it would be fun to share with you what I picked up.
My first birthday present to me was a couple of shirts from Her Universe. You all know how much I love that store!!

How could I resist this Han and Leia shirt entitled 'I Know'

grey isn't usually a colour I go for, but I loved this shirt too much not to get it based on colour.

I also picked up the long sleeved Empire/Vader shirt, which has quickly become my new favorite shirt of all time! (Sorry Padme Nouveau)

I love that there is a silver foil added to this shirt to make the stars and Vader shine!

Next I headed out to the mall; first stop, William-Sonoma. Yup, I went and bought the Star Wars sandwich cutters!

I can't wait to make Millennium Falcon grilled cheese! Plus, what a great lunch box! Now I can store all my cookie cutters in there too!

Next stop, Hallmark!
I love when they bring out their Christmas decorations each year. Plus, the Star Wars ornaments this year ROCK!
I mean, look at the detail on Luke! I've always been a fan of the x-wing flight suit.

I also picked up this two pack of Boba Fett and Han in Carbonite and of course I had to put them with their counterparts on my shelf. Han is the little one and Boba is the big one.

Speaking of Christmas decorations, my next stop was The Disney Store where I found this awesome Maleficent ornament! I love the purple sparkle!

She even has Diablos sitting on her shoulder! How awesome!

She fits perfectly on top of my picture that my Dad drew for me!

Which is perfect for my villains wall, all done by my Dad!

And now that we're on the topic of Disney, check out the awesome gifts my best friend brought me back from Tokyo Disney!!
I love notebooks! I carry one with me where ever I go and am always writing in them. This one is amazing and I can't wait to start using it!

and check out my new ghost socks! Aren't they adorable?

Best Birthday month presents ever!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Star Wars Swimsuits!

I always hoped this day would come. For years I have been dreaming about Star Wars swimsuits. I mean who could resist an actual Slave Leia Bikini? One of these days, I will probably just end up making my own. But in the mean time, check out these AWESOME suits from Black Milk.

I want an R2-D2 suit! I would just swim around and make all sorts of beeping noises. I kinda want this for Halloween too. I'd wear white leggings and dye my hair silver and blue.
*mind spinning*
hmmm.... I wonder if I could get this in time for Halloween?

This Darth Side Of The Moon one is pretty awesome too. (I don't think that's what it's actually called, but I think that sounds better) I'm not overly keen on how shiny it seems to be though.

I know this last one technically isn't Star Wars, but let's pretend it is and call it Darth Getting Force Lightninged. Yeah, that works.

There are lots of neat suits and leggings on this site that I totally want. You should go check it out! Then leave a comment and tell me which one you would buy. I'd love to know.
Thanks to Distracted By Star Wars for bringing this to my attention

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

100th POST!

This marks my 100th post!
So to celebrate, here's Neil Patrick Harris and Matthew Morrison on Glee singing Dream On!


Han & Leia (Deleted Scene from Episode V)

I just came across this video on Forces Of Geek and was surprised that I had never seen it before! I didn't even know that it existed as a deleted scene! How is that possible?

I squealed with girlish delight as I watched it! I wish they hadn't taken it out. There's just something about a Scoundrel and a Princess that makes my heart melt every time I think about it.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Smell Like A Monster

Oh Grover...
Oh Old Spice Guy...

We love you whether you are on a horse, boat, cow or cake

Monday, October 11, 2010

Happy Birthday To Me!

It's my Birthday! I'm 27 today!

I got home after visiting my parents for the weekend and found these lovely pictures awaiting me on facebook!
Thank you so much to my new friend Danielle Monsieur for the great Vader message and my great friend Chris Simons for a very nice message from a sexy Kenobi!

My friends rock!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Star Wars Ballet?

Star Wars Ballet


Those were my first thoughts when I came across this little jem while checking out The Official Star Wars Blog. Then my excitement grew just thinking about what that would be like.

Dramatic dances scenes between Han and Luke while they vie for Leia's affection
A Choirs of Stormtroopers all in formation
Lighsaber battles taken to a whole new level
Droid dances while the jawas try to collect and sell them

It makes me shiver with excitement just thinking about it. I had pretty high expectations when I pressed play on the video. Seeing John Williams and Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra just ramped that expectation up even higher.
Then the dance started...

Don't get me wrong, I think it's an amazing dance and that both Galina and Valeri Panov are superb dancers. It just totally wasn't what I was expecting. It's more of a ballet number done to a Star Wars piece of music than a Star Wars ballet. At least it's much better than that other Star Wars dance.
Still, I can dream...

mmm... Han and Luke in tights....

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Sexy Star Wars Costumes

The wait is finally over! No longer do us girls have to dress up as either Leia or Padme if we want to be sexy Star Wars characters for Halloween! We now have more choices available to us!

Sexy Stormtrooper

I guess you can call this a stormtrooper outfit. I'm not totally convinced, but with some tweaks, I could probably make it work. Apperentely the gun doesn't come with the costume, which is fine by me, beacuse it doesn't look like any blaster I've ever seen in the SWU.

Sexy Vader

Can I honestly say that I want this costume with all my heart and all my soul! I want to be sexy Vader for Halloween! How Awesome would I be as Darth Vader? SO AWESOME!
I'm going to check around and see if I can find it for cheaper though.

Sexy Chewbacca?

Wow, they totally weren't kidding; that is one sexy wookie outfit... How did they manage to make a full body costume cover so little.... I'm impressed. Here I thought it was strange that they were trying to sexify cartoons from my childhood, but those costumes have nothing on this...
(I still kinda want it though. Is that weird?)

If you're like me and want a fun, sexy Star Wars costume of your own, you can get yours here.
Big thanks to Geekologie for making my Halloween costume choice even harder then it already was.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Star Wars Muppets

Star Wars and the Muppets have a long happy history together, starting with Frank Oz, the wonderful puppeteer who brought life to many of my favourite Muppets; Miss Piggy, Burt, Cookie Monster, Animal, Fozzie Bear, Grover, and of course my favorite little Jedi Master, Yoda.
Shortly after Star Wars was released, cross-overs started to spring up, starting with one of my favorite episodes of The Muppet Show, where both Luke Skywalker and Mark Hamil show up. *snicker*

This soon followed suit with many other cross-overs, including Muppet Babies

(awesome picture by daikikun75)
Disney World even decked out our favorite Muppets in honour of Star Tours.

I love that Piggy has a hair dryer instead of a blaster.

Even one of my favorite artists, Katie Cook, agrees that this is such a great combination.
Just check out her awesome drawings

Who doesn't love Camilla the Chicken playing Princess Leia?

I'm sure this is just the beginning and I hope to see much more of it in the future.
Know of any good Muppet/Star Wars crossovers that I'm missing? Drop me a line :)