Monday, May 13, 2013

New Her Universe Clothes to Debut At Star Wars Weekends

I really want to go to The Star Wars weekends at Disney. There are very few places to meet large groups of Star Wars fans and totally get my SW geek on. 
But even more of a reason is the fact that Her Universe is debuting more awesome geek wear there and I desperately want it all!!

I totally want the rebel pilot dress and tank and both the Asajj Ventress and R2-D2 hoodies! Those are fantastic! 
The new Padme nouveau shirt will go so well with the one I already have. And the Darth Vader and Han Solo shirts make me squeal with geek glee!
I just want everything. Is that so bad?
Since there's no way I can make it to Florida to buy these, I guess I'll just have to wait until they start selling them on the website. Please hurry Her Universe, you're my only hope....

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Kick-Ass Concept Shoes

I miss wearing fancy shoes. When I was a receptionist, I was always wearing different heels to match my different outfits. In my work closet was a row of amazing shoes just ready and waiting for me to change into once I got to work.

These days, I'm on my feet all day. Do you know what that means? 
Practical shoes. 
Runners, flats, loafers.... it's so dull.
My nice shoes sit in my shoe rack just longing for a special occasion.

Sometimes a special pair of heels comes along that are nothing like anything you've ever seen before. You know if you owned them, you would wear them everywhere, even if they don't really go with anything you own.

These are those kinds of shoes.

It started with Disney Villains. How can you see these shoes and not want them?

I love the way the outfits are made into the actual foot wear and the faces of the villains, themselves, are inside. Very cool. Perhaps even cooler than the other villain shoes I posted about.

These babies are the design of Kobi Levi. You've probably seen some of his other shoes floating around the internet before now. I just came across his site, and if I thought these were awesome, I was even more flabbergasted for his other designs.

These are some of my favorites.

I really, really want the violin and shark ones the most. I have no idea what I'd wear them with, but I don't care. I'd find something.

Then again, after looking at the price, if I could ever afford a pair of these, I'd probably keep them on a shelf and only look at them longingly.
If you have extravagant taste and the money to spare, you can purchase these, and many others, here.

thanks to Geekologie for having great taste in women's shoes.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

The 4th Will Be With You, Always

picture found here

It's Star Wars Day!!
Are you excited? I know I am. I'm celebrating all weekend! I'm actually more excited about this than May 2-4 weekend! Sure, long weekends are awesome, but May the 4th only happens once a year.

Star offers these cute e-cards that you can send out to those you love. And since I love you guys, here they are

Ok, ok. So I didn't get this out in time yesterday. To be fair, I was caught up with my dashing rogue. It's not often I get to spend Star Wars Day with someone else. So it was super awesome that he was as stoked about doing SW things as I was!

We picked up the first 3 seasons of The Clone Wars. He's only seen a few episodes and we decided it would be fun to watch them together.  Over the weekend, we made it half way through the 1st season.
We went out walking through the city with some friends and saw lots of people wearing SW shirts. Mine also got noticed quite a bit. It's nice to get a friendly compliment or a head nod from a fellow geek. I even got to fan-girl with another geeky girl wearing a Han Solo shirt. She loved my shirt, I loved her shirt... it was geek at first sight.

I've never really made SW themed food before, other than desserts, so we set about trying to make some fun meals over the weekend.

I mixed up some Blue Milk, so we could make Banthamilk pancakes.

 And whipped out my Williams-Sonoma pancake molds.

 Ok, so the yellow of the egg and the off white of the pancake mix turned them green, but it was pretty fitting as far as Yoda was concerned.

The pancake molds are a little hard to use, but the more I made, the better they got.

Something about having a Darth Vader pancake on my Darth Vader flipper was both amusing and awesome. See, it fits so well.

We had all these brilliant plans on how to decorate out pizza to be SW-esque, but by the time we go around to making it, we forgot and made it how we normally do.
We decided afterwards that it probably looked like the stomach of a Sarlacc. 
So there you have it, Sarlacc stomach pizza...

For dessert, we tried to get a little more creative. We picked up some cookies and cream ice cream and I through together some cocoa snaps. 
I present to you;
Hoth shield generator after it's been destroyed.

Pretty awesome, huh? Yeah, I thought so too.

The other awesome thing we did this weekend, was finish off my ISO Girl outfit for the 501st and take preliminary photos. Now I just have to send them in to get approved. 
What do you think?

So how did you spend your Star Wars weekend? Did you dress up and go dancing? Did you stage an epic lightsaber battle in the park? Did you talk Star Wars to someone? Comment and let me know.

May The Force Be With You