Monday, August 30, 2010

Fan Expo 2010

I love Fan Expo.
Where else in Toronto can you get almost 90,000 geeks crammed into one venue?
Nowhere that I know of.
This is only the 2nd year that I've gone to Fan Expo, and same as last year, I had a BLAST!
Let me tell you about my day.

I got up, got ready and donned my costume. Orange top, red skirt, orange stockings, red shoes and of course my trusty 3D glasses with the lenses popped out.
As soon as I was dressed, I transformed into a dog loving, van driving, mystery solving machine.
And before I knew it, something was afoot!
It was my foot! (No, no... I'm just kidding.)
My best friend Eric called asking me if I had ink in my printer. I didn't and neither did he.
I though it was a strange request, but figured he had a good reason for it.
Turns out that our friends who were coming with us had forgot their tickets at their out of town home and wouldn't be able to get in unless we could find a printer.
Where does one find a printer at 9am on a Saturday in Toronto?
It sounded like a mystery to me!

So on the search I went through down town Toronto, looking for a printer.
Grand and Toy was closed, Staples was closed. There was a Kinkos across town, but I really didn't want to go that far. And then I thought of something.

An Internet Cafe! The perfect scene.
Plus, there's one right by my house. :)
I went in, hoping to solve this mystery and was immediately segregated.
Geeks of all ages stopped gaming and stared at me.
I was the only girl there, in a skirt, dresses as Velma.
Hell, I'd probably stare too.
Anyway, I printed off their tickets and saved the day!

Mystery solved!

So I headed off to Fan Expo and met up with the guys!
Eric dresses up as Squall from Final Fantasy VIII and Ken dressed up as Godot from Phoenix Wright.

Here are some close up shots.
Look at Eric, all broody-like

And Ken looking all wright... (lol)

Adam didn't dress up at all, which is why I just realized that I don't have any pictures of him... Sorry Adam.

We spent the day browsing all the booths, eating terrible and expensive food, buying tons of stuff and looking at people in really awesome costumes.

This little guy was an animatronic puppet. He was so cool and absolutely adorable!

Flash Shoes!!

I can't even imagine how long it took this guy to dress up as Ganandorf from Zelda!

These two girls were super nice and I loved their costumes; Christmas Town Sora from Kingdom Hearts and Sakura from Street Fighter!

There were a few girls dressed up as Sailor Scouts, but this was the only one that was happy to be stopped for a picture.
Thanks Sailor Jupiter!

Now, I didn't see any ghosts while I was there, but I assume that it's thanks to these guys!
They didn't look like they were afraid of anything

I guess Eric was in the know about something, because Final Fantasy seemed to be the theme of a lot of costumes. Check out Lightning and Hope, followed by Snow from Final Fantasy XIII

Plus, Lulu, Wakka and Rikku from Final Fantasy X

Garden Quistis and Squall from Final Fantasy VIII, plus 2 Squall's for the price of 1!

(The other Squall was so in character, that he was down right rude to us!)

Tifa from Final Fantasy VII was happy to let us take her picture, Chibby Moon was not.

There were also some cool Clone Wars dioramas put together by Hasbro

Plus a cool Millennium Falcon hanging from the ceiling!

I didn't get to see Adam West, but I did get to see the Batmobile!!

The only thing I didn't like about the Batmobile was there was a really skinny chick in a bad costume sitting on it looking extremely bored. I would've PAID to sit on the Batmobile all day!

Speaking of money, check out all the awesome swag I got!
My very own Princess Leia bust!

Art by one of my favorite artists, Laurie B!
(I have a bunch of her art already framed in my apartment that I got from her last year)
She's actually one on the main reasons that I came to Fan Expo this year! When I told her that, she was ecstatic! She actually remembered me from last year! I had bought art from her and then came back the next day to buy more!
Check out all my little xoxo's to her biggest fan!

2 Star Wars old school pillowcases!

These awesome pins from Sick On Sin.
I love the Game of Life
(also got a great t-shirt from them last year)

I picked up another Padme for my collection!

Yes, that's 3 Padme's on 1 shelf!

I love this artist, Camilla d'Errico. I discovered her art a few months ago and was thrilled when I ran into her! I didn't even know she was going to be there! She seemed really excited that I knew who she was!

Later that night, I went to the Star Wars party at the Rivoli.
It was slow at first. (I showed up early in case there was a line, which there wasn't) I was the second person there. But as the night went on, more people showed up, including a lot of the guys and gals of the 501st.
I had a great time mingling with them. I asked a lot of questions about joining (I'm planning on becoming an ISO girl in the next couple of months), and they were super helpful. They actually seemed pretty excited that I intended to join and that I make fabulous cookies!

It had already been a great day, but the party made it an extraordinay one!
Thanks to everyone who helped make it happen!

Here are a couple more pictures of my costume