Friday, February 24, 2012

Never Cross Han Solo

You know that moment when you're arguing with that hot princess/scruffy nurf herder and things start happen real fast and suddenly you're kissing one another?

Yeah, that's the one... and then before things can progress any further you get interrupted by a really annoying, pretentious droid? Well, some people don't handle it as well as others...

Not well at all...

What does the poor hot princess think of all this?

She doesn't look too happy about it at all.

I think maybe her and the droid had a thing... No wonder that scruffy nurf herder wasn't happy

Thanks to F* Yeah Han And Leia for the new perspective

Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Quest For Lego R2-D2

Oh R2-D2, how do you always end up getting into trouble? Granted, you always seem to save the day, but not without trouble first.

 I love all the fun little cameos in this; Indiana Jones, the shadow of Darth Vader, Jawas... Not to mention the AT-AT, space slug, R2 hitting on R2-KT. The amusement park at the end is my favorite. I wish that place actually exsisted. I mean with all the other stunts George Lucas has pulled, I'm surprised he hasn't opened his own theme park. I would totally eat lightsaber cotton candy and go on the Tunnel of Vader Love!

Anyhoo, this video was actually created to advertise a game for called The Quest For R2-D2, where you can play as 4 different characters on 15 different levels. 

It's a few years old now, but I just heard about it for the first time today! You can try it out or other Star Wars games here
Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to want to work on my MAC, so if you play it, you'll have to let me know how awesome it is. Or you can tell me it sucks and then I won't feel left out :P

Either way, I'm off to play Lego Clone Wars on the Wii.

Thanks to Sparkle Sugar for loving R2-D2 as much as I do and Brickpedia for loving Lego!

No One Does It Better Than The Birds Of Prey

I've often said that life would be much more exciting if it were a musical. How fun would it be dancing to work or getting to sing your heart out when something is wrong? That would be good therapy. 
I love when TV/Movies/Cartoons agree with me; I just never thought I'd see it happen in Batman.

Enter the lovely ladies of The Birds Of Prey

Batman: The Brave and the Bold: The Mask of Matches Malone!

 Batman joins forces with Black Orchid as they both fight the seductive, but dangerous, Poison Ivy, along with her henchwomen.
Main Plot: Black Canary and Huntress, along with Catwoman, pursue Two-Face. At the same time, Batman (in his Matches Malone persona) gets amnesia and believes himself to actually be a gangster.

 That was totally awesome, wasn't it? And did you hear those sassy lyrics?

[Catwoman]: Good evening all you gentlemen,
mobsters, creeps and crooks.
[Huntress]: Men in tights come after you,
and still you're off the hook.
[Black Canary]: For those who scare and terrorize,
it's the dawn of a brand new day.
[All]: You scum can simply call us
The one and only Birds of Prey

[CW]: Green lantern has his special ring.
[BC and H]: Pretty strong that little thing.
[BC]: Blue Beetle's deeds are really swell.
[H]: But who will bring him out of his shell?
[CW]: Flash's foes, they finish last.
[H]: Too bad sometimes he's just too fast!

[All]: While all the boys can always save the day
No one does it better than the Birds of Prey.
(The one and only birds of prey)
While all the boys can always save the day,
No one does it better, no one does it better, than the Birds of Prey.

[CW]: Green Arrow has heroic traits,
that is when he's shooting straight.
[BC]: Hey!
[CW]: I'm just saying...
[BC]: Aquaman's always courageous.
[H]: His little fish, less outrageous.
[BC]: Plastic man can expand,
[CW and H]: Becomes putty in our hands.

[All]: While all the boys can keep you punks at bay
No one does it better than the birds of prey
[Bruce's bodyguards]: (The one and only birds of prey)
While all the boys can always save the day
No one does it better, no one does it better, than the Birds of Prey.

[CW]: Batman throws his batarang.
What a weapon, what a bang. [She strokes his shoulder.]
[BC]: Check out that utility belt.
Sure can make a girl's heart melt. [She leans on him from the other side.]
[H]: He's always right there for the save.
I'd like to see his secret cave.

[All]:While Batman does things in his special way,
He'd do it better with the Birds of Prey.
(The one and only Birds of Prey)

While Batman always seems to save the day,
No one does it better
No one does it better than the Birds of Prey.
Birds of Prey...
[CW]: Meow.

I love all the slams against the other superheros about being too fast or too small, but that they have nothing bad to say about Batman. Is it because he's there or is it because he's just that awesome? I mean, they're not trying to impress Batman; he doesn't even know he is Batman at this point. I'm going to go with awesome, but that's just me. 
I really want to start watching this show, it looks really amazing. I wasn't sure at first if it would live up to Batman the Animated Series, but after seeing this, I'm totally sold.
Have you seen it? Is it worth watching? Tell me your feeling about it so I have more to go on than a musical number.

Thanks to DC Women Kicking Ass for always keeping me apprised of what our Super Gals are up to and to Earwormhole for the lyrics, so I didn't have to figure them out for myself.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Harley Quinn's Greatest Show On Earth

Who doesn't love Harley Quinn? She's vivacious, fun, quirky, crazy and sexy. She brings more depth to The Joker and Poison Ivy and she has an awesome back story! She was originally only suppose to be a walk on role, but soon to become a regular character and a fan favorite. Other than Slave Leia, Harley Quinn is probably one of the top cosplayed female characters. And who can blame those girls for wanting to wear the red and black spandex and run around acting crazy? Heck, even I've thought of doing it.
Kate Quinn and Tara Strand took it one step further than cosplay and came up with this great little video

 A little piece of a music video with Tara Strand as Harley Quinn performing to "Greatest Show On Earth" by Macy Gray from the "Idlewild" soundtrack by Outkast. This was created as a part of the collaborative Harley Quinn music video project conceived by Kate Quinn at Hope you enjoy!
PS - The straight jacket bit is part of an act developed for the awesome sauce all-girl sideshow troupe The Sideshow Sirens! Check us out!:

 It wouldn't have been the music I would've picked, but then I'm not a huge Macy Gray fan. The whole thing is super fun and super sexy! I do love a little burlesque, especially geeky burlesque. I'm actually wearing my burlesque bombshell shirt today. Go figure.

So if you could do or see any geeky burlesque, what would you want it to be of, or is Harley Quinn right up your ally?

Thanks to F* Yea Harley Quinn for the tip and 1nch for the amazing Harley Quinn art

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Star Wars Geek Chic

Love Star Wars? Want to show your geeky pride, but aren't into graphic t's or cosplay? Well, these outfits are for you.

The girls of Disney Bound came up with a great idea; take traditional character costumes and recreate them with regular clothes. They mostly do Disney outfits, but every once in a while, they take on other, more geekier genres; like Star Wars.

I really love the Padme outfits. But then her outfits have always been my favorite. The red and gold always signify royalty to me and it's very reminiscent of her throne room outfit (my all time favorite!)

The Princess Leia outfits are subtle and soft; which is true for her outfits, if not her personality. 

These Luke Skywalker outfits have the elegance of a jedi knight while still having a comfortable farm boy feeling.

Can you feel the fashion power of the dark side? I love the Stormtrooper outfit! I would wear that everywhere!

If these are the droid duds you're looking for, I can see why! I love the shine and glitter that these to outfits have, but if it were me, I'd add some detail belts to the middle to give them a more authentic look.

Whether hanging out in the swamps of Dagobah or rubbing shoulders with politicians and jedi in Coruscant, there's a Yoda outfit for you! I love both these outfits so much!

For those of us who have Boba Fett-ishes, these are great, everyday outfits. I actually own a Boba Fett inspired outfit. It consists of a yellow t-shit that I wear under a moss green tank top. I love it!

 Now how cute would these be with my Boba Fett bag? 

Wouldn't that just be perfect? (you can order one here)

These are just a few of the great Star Wars outfits. You can check out the rest here or you can take a look at all of their creations here.

So, what characters inspire your clothing choices? Let me know. In the mean time, I'll be making as many Padme outfits as I can :P

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Geeky Gamer Jewelry

I'm a geek and a girl, as you already know if you've ever looked at this blog before. I always get excited when new merchandise comes out that's actually aimed at at those two categories. That's why I'm super excited to show you new geeky gamer jewelry!! And awesome geeky gamer jewelry at that! I've seen some before, but it was never very good quality or it was super expensive like the DC jewelry.

Love the old nintendo controllers? Show you're love with this cute heart controller or this cute D-pad necklace and A + B button earring set.

 With these amazing Portal earrings, you really can have things slip in one ear and out the other!

Hey! Listen!! These Legend of Zelda earrings will help show off your Hyrulian pride! I bet the girl from the Navi song would love these!

Don't forget to take all of your heart container pins with you when you go out. You wouldn't want to run out!

All these, plus all sorts of pokemon pins, posters, stickers and t-shirts are available at Sanshee. Not to mention, they're all priced really reasonably.

Etsy seller Spaztazm makes these adorable Mario/nintendo inspired jewelry out of polymer clay.

I love that the chain chomps and piranha plants look like they're biting your earlobes! How very true to character.

Blooper squids!!! I love Blooper squids!!!

Look at the cute Kirby's hanging off of stars! I love their little feet!

Look! The metroids are all veiny on the inside! How cool is that?

She has all kinds of cute earrings, necklaces and hair accessories here, so check them out!

Thanks to So Geek Chic for always posting amazing geek stuff for girls!

Final Fantasy Gatherings

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if the characters from all the Final Fantasy games got together? Who would hang out with who? What would they do?
Well, kaffepanna has.

I laughed so hard when I saw these, especially all the mopers crying together. I can totally see that happening! I also love that Yuffie is using Eiko as a pillow in the pillow fight and how terrified she looks. 

You should totally check out kaffepanna's deviantart page. There are some hilarious what-if comics based on all sorts of different movies.

Got Blue Milk?

Force to be reckoned with.... snicker...

After years and years of celebrity milk ads, I suppose it makes sense that someone would make a blue milk ad. I always wondered what blue milk was made from. According to Wookieepedia, it's bantha milk.

You know, these guys

Doesn't looking at his fine creature make you want a glass? I suppose you'd probably get a lot more milk out of a bantha than you would a cow. But I guess you would need more if you were going to export it to the rest of the galaxy.

This little Leia (who takes after those pretentious Welch's grape juice kids) has more to say about the matter

So, have you had your 2-4 servings of Blue Milk today?

Thanks to Rabittooth for the awesome ad

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Marvel Messenger Bags

So many schools and companies have their logos mass produced on bags and other merchandise these days. It's hard not to notice if someone went to MIT or works for Apple. Are you feeling left out that your school/job isn't as cool as someone else? Well, make them jealous when they see you carting these totes.

How cool would it actually be to work at Stark Industries? I bet they recruit right out of Xavier's School. I always thought it would be awesome to be a young mutant and go to school with other mutants. I always wanted to be just like Jean Grey... 

well, until she took on the Phoenix and went crazy and died and came back to life and then died again and then came back to life... and so on and so on... I'm totally behind on my X-Men, because I didn't even know that they had opened a school in Jean's name and that Logan was Headmaster! I was never much of a Wolverine fan, but his love and devotion to Jean always melted my heart. Although Cyclops had some redeeming qualities, I always thought Jean was with the wrong man. But that's just me.

Sorry, I try not to get caught up in shipping, but sometimes I can't help it

Anyway, if you want to try and convince people that you work for a kick-ass company with an Iron President or that you're genetically gifted, you can buy these bags here.

Thanks to Fashion Tips From Comic Strips for her kick ass fashion genes.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day From Talk Star Wars To Me

Oh you said it Ollie.

Whether you're with someone special, out with friends or at home with your cat, remember, this geek girl loves you!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Geeky Motorcycle Leathers And Cool Jackets

Wanna be a biker?
But maybe being a traditional biker isn't the path you want to go. Maybe you want to be a new kind of biker... A geek biker.

Yes, I said Geek Biker!
UD Replicas has released a line of biker leathers that aren't your average Harley Davidson. These leathers allow you to show the world that you and your bike are into stuff... geeky stuff.


Stormtroop and Shadow Trooper

As the backbone of the imperial army, the Stormtroopers are the empire’s legions, a mass of menacing power in their awe-inspiring armor.

Now, one of the most iconic uniforms in the STAR WARS™ universe has been exquisitely rendered in leather by the UD Replicas’ team, setting a new standard in leather garment manufacturing.

Inspired by the classic STAR WARS™ imperial armor, UD Replica’s designers have raised the bar on what can be accomplished working with form-molded leather. Each rounded segment, every chiselled and bevelled edge perfectly replicates the look of the on-screen armor.

Available in both Shadow Trooper black or the classic Stormtrooper imperial white, each suit comes complete with built-in CE-approved body armor to fully protect the motorcycle rider. If you want to ride in true STAR WARS™ style, have no doubts...this IS the suit you’re looking for!

 Darth Maul

Before there was Vader...there was Maul.
As the STAR WARS™ universe began to unfold in Episode I, we were introduced to one of its most unique characters. Darth Maul, Sith apprentice, with his double-bladed lightsaber and stunning martial arts skills, was a crimson and black tattooed warrior who battled our Jedi heroes and showed them the true power of the Dark Side.

Now, you too can feel that power when you put on your own officially licensed, movie-inspired Darth Maul Racing Jacket, boldly emblazoned with the unmistakable red and black pattern of this Sith warrior. Created by the master leather craftsmen at UD Replicas, this is not only a work of art, it’s a fully functioning motorcycle jacket, complete with built-in CE-approved body armor. Remove the armor and you have a leather jacket that is guaranteed to turn heads with its unique bold styling.

Daredevil, also known as The Man Without Fear, has occupied a special place in the Marvel Universe since his first appearance in comics in 1964. Considered one of the greatest comic book characters of all time by both Wizard and Empire magazines, Daredevil was first brought to the big screen in 2003 with Ben Affleck in the title role. But the real visual star was Daredevil’s sleek red leather suit that protected our hero as he fought for justice in the crime-ridden Hell’s Kitchen area of New York.
Now, you can own your own faithfully rendered official movie replica of the Daredevil suit, specifically designed as a fully functioning motorcycle suit. Working from the screen-used suits worn by Ben Affleck, the craftsmen at UD Replicas have faithfully reproduced every detail, right down to Daredevil’s unique emblem embossed in the leather jacket. More than just stylish, each suit incorporates protective design features all designed with the rider’s protection in mind.

Iron Man

When billionaire industrialist Tony Stark travels, IRON MAN™ always comes along for the ride. But when space is at a premium and mobility is a priority, Stark's luggage always includes a very special suitcase that can instantly deploy Iron Man's Mark V armor. First seen on the streets of Monte Carlo during the Grand Prix, the Mark V blends portability and power. At UD Replicas, we've captured the power and style of the Mark V armor, rendering it in form-molded leather to create the perfect Iron Man motorcycle suit.
Make no mistake, this is not a costume but a fully-functioning armored motorcycle suit that pays tribute to the vision of Iron Man as seen on the big screen.


 Everyone's favorite mutant-with-an-attitude always makes an impression but never so much as when he is decked out in his sleek, powerful X-Men™ BATTLESUIT. Patterned directly off of the Wolverine™ suit used in X2: X-Men United™, UD Replicas has created a perfect screen-accurate replica motorcycle suit that combines real-world function and protection with a highly detailed X-Men(tm) design. Like Logan, we love motorcycles and we know what riders are looking for in a suit.

Captain America

He was the first.
Before the Avengers could become a team…he led the way.
Forged in war, freedom’s greatest protector was
Captain America…The First Avenger.
Now with this Officially Licensed Movie Replica, you too can own the ultimate tribute to the ultimate hero. Meticulously designed as a screen-accurate leather motorcycle suit, UD Replicas proves you don’t need super serum to look like a superhero.

One of the most unique leather uniforms created for the screen can now be yours. Every feature as seen on film in Captain America: The First Avenger has been replicated in form-molded leather from the classic color-scheme to the aluminum accent emblems on the back, arms and forever iconic silver star emblazoned on our hero’s chest. Perfectly crafted gloves, boots, functional belt and detailed rigging complete this iconic battle-uniform that captures the retro 1940s Captian America: The First Avenger design.

Be a part of the continuing legend with the UD Replicas Captain America: The First Avenger motorcycle suit.


In BATMAN BEGINS™, we’re introduced to Bruce Wayne’s first incarnation of the BATMAN™ suit. Created by the Applied Sciences Division of Wayne Enterprises, this raw and intimidating design becomes an integral part of building the legend of The Dark Knight™ on the streets and rooftops of Gotham City.

At UDReplicas, we have faithfully rendered the sleek, bevel-edged anatomy of this first bat suit with the same attention to detail found in our version of the suit’s successor as seen in the film The Dark Knight™.

As with all our screen-accurate replica motorcycle suits, we painstakingly work with the original screen suits to capture their unique designs in form-molded leather. With this latest offering, we were fortunate to work with Brian Best, the craftsman at Shepperton Studios in England who supervised the mold design and model-making workshops that created the on-screen suits for BATMAN BEGINS™.

The result of this collaboration is obvious in every detailed angle of the sculpted armour and is sure to please any fan who demands the utmost in accuracy.

Aren't they awesome? I'm not sure which one I want more, the Stormtrooper or Captain America; not that I would ever get on a motorcycle, but I can still appreciate the craftsmanship and attention to detail. There are also some cool geek leather jackets on the site.

Speaking of cool jackets, these ones from Volante Design won't protect you while biking, but are still majorly cool.

The Wolverine and Captain America jackets are now available, as well as some cool assassin hoodies. You can email about them at 
The rest are just sketches, but I really hope they make them as well.

 I really want the Doctor Doom jacket, and how cool are the Cloak and Dagger Duo?
So if you wanted to be a geeky biker or just have cool geeky jackets, what character would you want to look like? 

Thanks to Fashionably Geeky, Fashion Tips From Comic Strips and Geekologie for keeping us fashionable no matter what we're in to.