Wednesday, June 27, 2012

New Lego Games And Game Movies

You may not know this, but I suck at video games. I don't have very good hand/eye coordination so I have trouble jumping and shooting at things. I'm not good at combos and prefer to button mash. I'm actually pretty good at button mashing. I need games to have infinite lives if I ever hope to finish the game. Sometimes it just becomes too hard and I give up. Don't get me wrong, I love video games, I just suck at them.

Then The world was introduced to LEGO games. Games that are made for children are totally up my skill ally. I've played all the Star Wars, Harry Potter, Indiana Jones and Batman LEGO games and I love them.

Lucky for me, two more games are about to be released!

I am really looking forward to this game! I loved playing as Batman before and I can hardly wait to be wonder Woman, The Flash and Green Lantern! I also hope that I get to play as Lex Luthor as well. I could care less about Superman, but I'm sure he'll be fun to play too.

I'm really glad that they stuck to Gotham and just added all the other characters.

ehehehehehehehehe! This looks awesome! I want to play as Gandalf! I love how closely they've stuck to the movie, but incorporated them being LEGO so well. I hope they come out with an actual LEGO set that comes with the Balrog!

Is it just me or is it weird that the characters can suddenly speak? I liked when they mimed everything, but the voices are fun too.

Speaking of video games, have you seen the latest Disney trailer for Wreck-It Ralph? But Braeby, you ask, what does Disney have to do with video games?
well, watch and find out.

I really want to see this movie, mostly for the villain support group! I think it's great that Disney has gotten the rights to use all those other characters for this. I can't wait to see what else they put in. I also think it will be neat to see how they show different video games through out the years.

Thanks to Geekologie and Look At This Frakking Geekster for keeping us all in the gaming loop

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