Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Marvel Reebok Shoes For Geeks

I just found out that Reebok is set to release Marvel themed shoes in July! These are to be more like the Star Wars Adidas line, then the DC Converse line. Also similar to the SW line, from what I can tell, there will only be one of two pairs made for women... 

Let's start with the women's pairs

White Queen

Out of all the female Marvel cast, White Queen is one of my least favorites. She always seemed to me as if she were a cheap replacement for Jean Grey, not to mention that she was a bad guy for so long, I have a hard time trusting her. I also hated her costume and it doesn't particularly translate well into shoes. With so many kick-ass X-Women out there, I would've opted for Jean Grey/Phoenix, Rouge, Storm, Kitty Pride, Mystique or non X-Men types like She-Hulk, Ms. Marvel or Spider Woman.

Black Widow

I know Black Widow is all the rage these days with The Avengers and I like her enough that I can understand the logic behind these shoes. Again, she wouldn't have been my first choice for female characters, but that's ok. The shoes are kind of neat. I don't really like the high-top and would've much preferred regular runners, but then I'm not a high-top kinda girl. The colour scheme is great and I do like how they've incorporated the gold of her belt into it.

So, now onto the men's shoes

Captain America

I love Captain America and I really want these shoes. I guess only time will tell if they come in women's sizes. The red white and blue look great together without screaming USA, which I like because I am Canadian (like Wolverine). I love the beveling on the blue, making it actually look like his costume. The A on the tongue is perfectly placed. The only think I would add would be his wings on the sides of the heel.

Red Skull

 If you're more of a villain person, you won't be dissapointed with these Red Skull shoes. I don't really understand the whole pump action shoes, but they're still making them so they must be good. I love the Red Skull logo on the back of the shoes.


 Is it just me or do these look like they'd be hard to get on? I love the colour combination though and that the black seems to be a little bit fuzzy. I never really pictured Wolverine to be fuzzy, but I could easily get use to it. I love the claws key-chain that comes with it.


 These look exactly like what I envisioned Sabertooth shoes to look like, right down to the fuzzy lining.


 Like the Wolverine shoes, I still wonder how easy it is to get these on. Once on though, I imagine they'd be quite comfortable. I could've done with more webbing on these shoes to give them a more Spidey look, but the colours are great.


 Venom is always a fan favorite and I imagine that these shoes will be a big hit. I really love the tongue key-chain. It makes me happy.


 I know that Deadpool is pretty big with fans, but I honestly don't like him. But despite that, his shoes are pretty awesome. As gross as the lining featuring his skin condition is, it's still kinda cool.


I'll admit it, I've never even heard of Chamber. I had to look him up. He certainly sounds interesting enough. I love the star-burst pattern on these shoes.

I just found a few more pairs while trying to find additional info on these shoes. These may or may not just be children's shoes, which I'm ok with because I have a better chance fitting into these then I do into men's shoes. I really love the top Spiderman pair. That's exactly what I was thinking about when I said that the above pair needed more webbing.

So what do you guys think? Would you buy these? Would you prefer to have different characters? If so, who? Do you agree with making them unisex sizes? Drop me a line, let me know.

Thanks to Wicked Clothes, Anthony Petrie, and Snkrology for the awesome info.

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