Monday, June 4, 2012

Hot Action Men Trailers

I love action movies. They might even be my favorite genre of film. Being a girl, I get a lot of weird looks about this, but I don't care; action movies are awesome.
Not to mention they usually have hot, well muscled guys running around in them, so there's an added bonus.

Two franchises that I love are soon to release new movies! YAY!!!

James Bond - 007

I've been a huge Bond fan since I first saw The Spy Who Loved Me in English Media class in high school. I've always wanted to be a Bond Girl, but then again, what girl hasn't. I went so far as to make up my own Bond Girl name; Candy KaBoom and I would also play her evil twin sister Coco KaBang.

I've loved pretty much ever incantation of Bond (especially Sean Connery) and Daniel Craig is no exception to the rule. I am a bit sad that this will be his final Bond movie, but I'm glad that they at least gave him one more to do.

Jason Bourne

 I loved the first 3 Bourne movies... Ok, I loved the plots of the first 3 Bourne movies. Unfortunately the camera in the last few were so shaky that I could hardly watch them! I still really enjoyed them though, I just wish I could watch them without getting a headache. Matt Damon is totally hot, but so is Jeremy Renner! 

After seeing him in the Avengers and in Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, I'm totally stoked about seeing him in more movies, especially action movies.

Oh yes, hot men in action movies! I'm totally excited! Are you?

thanks to Hawkeye's Little Helper and I Watch Stuff for loving these guys as much as me.

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