Thursday, June 21, 2012

Hobbes And Bacon - A New Generation Of Calvin And Hobbes

Calvin and Hobbes... I truly believe that they are essential to growing up. Not only do you have a kid and his stuffed tiger reeking havoc in ways that I wish I could've as a child, but also you have the language of grown-ups. Calvin's imagination has inspired me to keep on believing as I get older.
I'm certainly not the only person that this comic has inspired. Pants Are Overrated decided to make some of their own Calvin and Hobbes comics, but with a bit of a twist.  

Meet Bacon, the daughter of Calvin and Susie

Doesn't it just make you tear up a little bit? I know I did. The thought of a whole new generation of childhood wonder and love is a beautiful thing.

Thanks Pants Are Overrated, you did good.


  1. I loved the original Calvin and Hobbs. Just saw Hobbs and Bacon. I think that I'm in love again.