Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween On Sesame Street... (I Mean Chrurch St.)

You might remember awhile back I had a post on helping me pick out a Halloween costume.
Well, only 2 people voted and only 1 of them were actually for any of the costumes that I had picked out. Sorry Andrew, but I couldn't find the Wolverine costume :(
Actually, I had a really hard time finding any of the costumes from that post. In the end, I bought the only one that I could find.

Big Bird

 Yes, that's right. I went as Big Bird for Halloween.
I felt a little silly at first, but then I realized something; I'm freakin' adorable as Big Bird!

The stockings were my favorite part of this costume, although I wish they were full stocking instead of stay ups. There's something a little weird about showing bare leg when dressed up as a Muppet.

I also love the flapper-ness of this outfit. (get it? flapper...bird...)

This year's special guests (who are the same as last year) included Eric as a cat

and Dr. Ron, MD

or maybe he's a vet?

Don't forget to check his ears.

Prognosis? I'm a love bird!

Oh no! The Cat and the Bird have gotten loose!

Looks like the cat just needed some love too!

(This is Sesame Street after all)

Then we headed out to the street
Church Street, not Sesame Street, although it sure felt like it at some points! Apparently Muppets were the thing to be this year!

There was not one, but two other Big Birds that we ran into!

Shiva here taught us the importants of accepting all religion

These talking cupcakes were adorable!

Pyramid Head told us the the shape of the day was a triangle

These Jedi and Sith taught us what the different in lightsaber colour was

Sailor Mercury was just as sweet a pie

And lego man... well lego man looked uncomfortable and didn't move very well, teaching us that having a kick-ass costume doesn't always work to your benefit!

All and all it was a fun year. So, what should I be next year ;)

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