Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Hello Reeboks - Plush Hello Kitty Shoes!

Being the girly-girl that I am, I love shoes.
Being the geeky-girl that I am, I love Geeky shoes even more.
Being that these are both girly and geeky, how can I go wrong with plush Hello Kitty shoes?

OMG! They're fuzzy AND Pink!!
Now I'm not a Hello Kitty fanatic like the ones that seem to torment that poor man over at Hello Kitty Hell, but I do think she's rather cute (and possibly evil, but I'm ok with that too), but these shoes are too fun not to post about!

They come in 3 different colours; Pink, White (just like the cat herself) and Black. Personally, I think all 3 are cute, but if I actually ever owned a pair, I would get the black ones.


Would you wear these? Leave a comment and tell me why or why not and if so, what colour would you get?


  1. yes, YES yeahhhh! i want them obsessively.

  2. I Wana Buy Theese ! Where are these Being Sold At ? :o

  3. OMG!! Wear Can I Buy These Shoes?!?!?!?

  4. OMG!! Wear Can I Buy These Shoes?!?!