Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Kids with Awesome Parents

Sometimes geeks become parents. To me this is a wonderful thing, because we end up with little kids in awesome costumes like these:

These two little kids are brother and sister! What a fun family!

(Videos courtesy of DBSW and Great White Snark)

How about this little scamp dressed up by his dad like Robo Cop!

You can read all about their adventures around the city and see many more pictures here.

I really wanted to go as Ripley from Aliens but couldn't find a chestbuster and didn't want to shave my hair off, but if I had a baby, I could've done this:

But we all know the truth, if I had children, chances are they'd be dressed up as Princess Leia, like this most adorable little girl in the entire world! (other than my niece)


So, if you had children, what would you dress them up as?


  1. I've dressed my sister as Vader, per her request, several times.

  2. You and your sister are quite awesome!!