Monday, November 29, 2010

Giant Star Wars Plush

Oh my geekness! I didn't even know that these exsisted until a few minutes ago while visiting GWS!
Not only are these super cute, but right now they're on SALE too! I love ThinkGeek!

Inside each of us are a lot of structural goodies, like muscles and bone. But there is also one more structural piece. It flows around us and through us. You know it; we're talking about The Force. Well, what if you crammed a skeleton and The Force into a plush? Well, then you'd have these Giant Star Wars Collector Plush.

Each Giant Star Wars Collector Plush is loaded with exquisite details - from Vader's open front skirt to Artoo's removable third leg (there's a joke in there somewhere). And they are giant - the big ones measure in at almost 2 feet tall! Add each is very poseable, thanks to the internal armature. They look great on your shelf, they look awesome in your office, but most of all the place your Giant Star Wars Collector Plush will feel most home is in your arms. Awwww.

I want Vader sooo bad! 

And Chewie... And R2... And Yoda...

Oh I just want them all! Which would you pick?


  1. One of my favorite Star Wars plush is a Jabba the Hut from the beanies line. He's scaled to the figures, and has a leathery feel. I like that new Chewbacca!

  2. There's a Jabba the Hutt beanie? I totally want one