Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sexy Halloween Costumes

I love Head Trip so much!
They always have the right joke. I, for one, happen to like sexy costumes, although the Chewbacca one is a little to crazy, even for me.
How do you feel about sexy costumes? Do you like them or do you this they're stupid? Would you wear one or would you rather wear a garbage bag?


  1. I don't see a problem with "sexy costumes" at all. If anything else, Halloween is that ONE day in the year where we get to dress up and play out our more restrained characteristics. It's all in good fun!

    I think it's all in the individual's confidence in themselves. If they don't feel sexy in a sexy costume, then go for the garbage bag!

    As for a "sexy Chewbacca"... well, even a Wookiee needs some nookie! :D

  2. The cartoon made me snort out loud....very funny.

    Most of the "sexy" versions really aren't (though I liked the sexy Green Lantern I saw, but it wasn't really anything but a version of the Arisia Rrab character). I think going with "traditional" sexy (ala Wonder Woman or Supergirl) is the better way to go...