Tuesday, October 26, 2010

More Star Wars And Other Goodies

As you might well know, October is my birthday month. And in celebration of that, I allowed myself to do a little bit of frivolous shopping. I thought it would be fun to share with you what I picked up.
My first birthday present to me was a couple of shirts from Her Universe. You all know how much I love that store!!

How could I resist this Han and Leia shirt entitled 'I Know'

grey isn't usually a colour I go for, but I loved this shirt too much not to get it based on colour.

I also picked up the long sleeved Empire/Vader shirt, which has quickly become my new favorite shirt of all time! (Sorry Padme Nouveau)

I love that there is a silver foil added to this shirt to make the stars and Vader shine!

Next I headed out to the mall; first stop, William-Sonoma. Yup, I went and bought the Star Wars sandwich cutters!

I can't wait to make Millennium Falcon grilled cheese! Plus, what a great lunch box! Now I can store all my cookie cutters in there too!

Next stop, Hallmark!
I love when they bring out their Christmas decorations each year. Plus, the Star Wars ornaments this year ROCK!
I mean, look at the detail on Luke! I've always been a fan of the x-wing flight suit.

I also picked up this two pack of Boba Fett and Han in Carbonite and of course I had to put them with their counterparts on my shelf. Han is the little one and Boba is the big one.

Speaking of Christmas decorations, my next stop was The Disney Store where I found this awesome Maleficent ornament! I love the purple sparkle!

She even has Diablos sitting on her shoulder! How awesome!

She fits perfectly on top of my picture that my Dad drew for me!

Which is perfect for my villains wall, all done by my Dad!

And now that we're on the topic of Disney, check out the awesome gifts my best friend brought me back from Tokyo Disney!!
I love notebooks! I carry one with me where ever I go and am always writing in them. This one is amazing and I can't wait to start using it!

and check out my new ghost socks! Aren't they adorable?

Best Birthday month presents ever!

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