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Why I Wish I Was At Celebration V

Man, sometimes being broke in Canada is no fun. Now don't get me wrong, I love Canada and really wouldn't want to live anywhere else, but sometimes I think it would be nice if we had more of the things I love, like Disney World. I've always wished that they would put a Disney Canada right outside of Toronto. I would totally live there if I could. Not to mention that maybe once a year we would have something as awesome as the Star Wars Celebrations. I mean, come on, Disney AND Star Wars, can you think of a more amazing combination? This geek girl can't.

This year in Orlando (not Canada) they will be having this wonderful event. Celebration V starts in a few days and I am TOTALLY jealous of anyone who's going. I wish I was going, but alas I don't make enough money to save up for flights, tickets, hotels, food and all that stuff (at least not yet).

If you're like me and can't make it, here are some of the cool things that we will be missing;

The hotly anticipated, hour-long interview between comedian Jon Stewart and Star Wars creator George Lucas will happen on Saturday, August 14 on the Celebration Main Stage. The event is currently scheduled for 11:00 AM. Because we want as many fans as possible to enjoy The Main Event as it happens, we have created a wrist band entry system.
Star Wars Celebration V is proud to present The Main Event — a live, on-stage interview with Saga creator George Lucas hosted by The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart. The hour-long, candid conversation will spark a discourse sure to shed light on the storied history of the Star Wars Saga — from its past to its future, with insider insights about the many steps along the way. A self-proclaimed lover of Lucas’ “galaxy far, far away,” Stewart brings a fan sensibility to the interview, aiming to focus on areas of interest to the many diverse and devoted groups that have helped Star Wars endure for more than thirty years. In addition to the dialogue between Lucas and Stewart, fan questions can be submitted, too!

The Bearded One, The Flanneled One, Mr. George Lucas Himself!
This would be totally worth seeing, you know, if I were going. I do think it's neat that you can submit questions as well. I thought about submitting a question, but how would I ever know if it got answered?

Plus, check out who'll also be there; Carrie Fisher (YAY), Mark Hamill, Anthony Daniels, Peter Mayhew, Ray Park, Warwick Davis, Tim Rose (Ackbar), Caroline Blakiston (Mon Mothma), Paul Blake (Greedo), Jake Lloyd (young Anakin Skywalker), and numerous other supporting cast members from the six feature films will be there signing autographs.
Oh I want to go!!!

Star Wars artists of extraordinary vision will be exhibiting and selling their original prints at Celebration V. Each of the artists listed here will have a limited number of prints available, created exclusively for the show, for sale August 12-15 as part of the Celebration Art Show.

Artists such as Jerry Vanderstelt, Chris Trevas, Cat StaggsKevin Graham, Ben Curtis Jones, Joe Corroney, Russell Walks, and two of my favorite artists Grant Gould and Katie Cook (who you've probably heard me talk about a few times before) and many more.

This is the type of art you would get to see! (By Russel Walks)

The Star Wars tattoo program returns to Celebration V, but this time with a new twist. Not just displaying works of Star Wars art adorning flesh, bold fans will be able to get tattooed live at the show! What better place to get a permanent memento of Star Wars fandom than at the biggest Star Wars Party this side of the Galaxy? Artist Marc Draven is heading up the Celebration live tattooing area, and Shane Turgeon, author of The Force in the Flesh, is returning to Celebration to coordinate another fantastic Star Wars tattoo art show.

Damn, this would've been the best place for me to get my Princess Leia tattoo and then go show Katie Cook! Sigh....

Its time to experience the stylish side of the galaxy far, far away with the first ever Celebration Fashion Show! Hosted by Ashley Eckstein, voice of Ahsoka Tano from The Clone Wars, fans will have a chance to check out the latest and greatest fashions from Lucasfilm’s leading licensees. Models will strut their stuff on the convention floor in a Kids show at 1pm and an Adult show at 4pm both Friday and Saturday. Don’t miss the fun - you may even see a surprise guest model or two!

Being the big HER UNIVERSE fan, I would totally head on over to see this show and see if I could meet Ashley in person. She's so hands on and personable with her site, I feel like I actually know her. As for surprise guests, I hear Katie Cook is going to be one of the models, probably modeling her shirt "Daddy's Little Girl". (Am I beginning to sound obsessed? I don't mean to be, I would just love to meet her.) and possibly Cat Staggs will be modeling "I Know" as well. (I really want both shirts)
Plus, I would love to pick up the Exclusive Empire Strikes Back necklace that will be there and not available online :(

30 Dates in Less Than a Parsec!
Looking for love in all the wrong Cantinas? Come join us for Star Wars Speed Dating, filled with good music, great company, and the thrilling potential to meet your own Angel of Iego, or Han Solo! The blind dates last three minutes, but if sparks fly, you're set for a lifetime of love. Two sessions will be held, one on Thursday, August 12th and the other on Saturday, August 14th. Sessions are free for CV attendees, and attendees can register on-site, but to guarantee a place, please sign up online by August 1. At both sessions, host Gi-Ganakin and his intergalactic crew will take you through the easy process of finding your ideal mate at CV. Music will be spun by DJ MadKidJedi, with ice-breaking assistance from TB-2709, otherwise known as the Scout Trooper of Love! (Note: This event is for only for Celebration V attendees 18 and over. All information you submit below will be kept confidential by the Celebration V team.)

Now I know I'm not into speed dating, plus I'm in a committed relationship with the nerd of my dreams, but a few years ago I would've given my right arm to do this. This just sounds like too much fun! Star Wars fans meeting Star Wars fans, just think of the matches that could be made here.
And who knows, if all goes well...

Commit Yourself to the Force...of Love!
For generations, Star Wars has brought people together in friendship, camaraderie, and even romance. Are you an arrogant young Jedi who—secretly—has a forbidden love for a beautiful Senator? Maybe you’re a Princess trying to choose between a scoundrel and a nice guy…who turns out to be your long-lost brother. If so, the Celebration V Commitment Chapel may be just the place for you!
No matter what side you’re on, express your allegiance through a fun, one-of-a-kind ceremony tailored to the “Light Side” or the “Dark Side” of the Force. Join the Rebellion or express your devotion to the Empire: This is your destiny!

Commitment ceremony includes:
Star Wars officiant – based on allegiance
Custom ceremony and vows in central event location
Official Star Wars Commitment Certificate with custom keepsake holder by Hallmark Cards
Post-ceremony commitment photo (also displayed publicly throughout Celebration V and on www.starwars.com)
Custom button to symbolize your union.

Gift bag filled with celebratory gifts from Hallmark
Hallmark Star Wars gift basket including this year's line of Keepsake Ornaments to be raffled, post-Celebration
All ceremonies are public, so invite family, fans, friends and enemies to celebrate the love!
Please note: These ceremonies are non-binding and will not be recognized under Florida State Law.

I almost wish that this was actually binding. This would be a BLAST! $75 is totally worth it as far as I'm concerned. Maybe I can talk Ron into going with me another year... hint, hint...
Plus, wouldn't it be fun to watch other people pledge themselves SW style? Maybe I'm just a hopeless romantic.

You’ll notice a new look to the Celebration V Store and a new emphasis on products and designs conceived and illustrated by fans for fans. We hope that you’ll enjoy your shopping experience! Please note that all items have been produced in limited quantities and we apologize if an item you want has sold out.
I've been browsing through the store and I want to buy sooo much stuff! (This is the other reason I can't afford to go, merchandise!)
Check out some of the AWESOME stuff that they will be carrying that we can't get because it's exclusive;

Other Awesome Stuff

If anyone who's reading this is actually going to Celebration V, please know that I don't mean any of the things I'm saying about you behind your back, and please have a wonderful time and pick me up some souvenirs, any of the above will do ;)

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  1. I feel your pain. I sooo wish I was there too.