Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A New Hope Wedding Poster

Most Awesome Wedding Poster EVER!!
Could you imagine getting married and having this as your invitation?
These people must be totally kick-ass and I wish I knew them.

It’s funny, because Rob just wanted normal invites. So I started showing him some alternate-type invited but he couldn’t think of anything on his own. Since Star Wars is one of the very geeky things he likes, when I suggested the poster idea he was all over it. So I’m glad we got to do something cool (and by cool I mean painfully dorky). - Ginny McQueen (the Bride) posted on her Blog

Lucky for San Smith over at The Life Pursuit (and for us) she is a friend of theirs, which is why they commissioned her to do this awesome poster!
I don't think anyone could've done a better job than she did. Now I'm not just saying that because I'm a huge fan of hers (although that helps I'm sure), but because, well, just look at it compared to the original!

I'm just going to gush about San Smith for a moment, if you will allow.
I came across her blog not that long ago, but now I find that I am totally addicted to it!
(you can find it under 'websites I love' off to the right of the page or click on the link above)
This girl is seriously the sweetest person ever! She's always brimming with positivity and I look forward to her postings because they always make me happy. Not only do I love how she showcases her art, but also her "Things I Love Thursdays"
Plus, check out how cute she is with her pink hair!!!

(I want pink hair too!)

Sorry, I think I just had a little bit of obsess going on there. (move over Katie Cook)

Ahem... (cough)... anyway, best wedding poster ever... yes, that was my point...

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