Thursday, August 8, 2013

Beacuse You Can Never Have Too Much Geeky Music


I got a new job!!

I know, I know, blogging is my job, right?
You know what I mean, my real job!

Anyway, NEW JOB!!!
This means I will be back to working a normal work day and will actually have evening again! 
Which means MORE BLOGGING!

Ok, so now that that's out of the way, on to more important things, like geeky music!
Yup, our favorite players are back again with new music and I've found a slew of other wonderfully talented geeks to add to the list!

First, one of my favorite geeky music girls

image by CookieMoon101
She's back, also with new and old friends.

The new being William Joseph and Devin in these, not one, but TWO, music videos of their Halo theme cover!

The first one is more music heavy, as in you can really enjoy watching them play their instruments. The second video is more action heavy. 

They are both worth watching! 
Now I don't know a lot about Halo, other than seeing a bit of the beginning of the game when it came out and what I learned from Red Vs. Blue, but I'm pretty sure that playing instruments on the battle field makes it really hard to be stealthy.

Lindsay and Peter Hollens are back together again, doing an amazing cover of the Game Of Thrones theme.

I'm always impressed how amazing they sound together. 
Then again, I'm pretty impressed with how Peter sounds on his own, as well

Yeah, that man has an amazing range.

On the Hobbit trend, do you remember those amazing Harp Twins Camille & Kennerly

Yup, they also covered Misty Mountains Cold 
(wouldn't it be amazing if they teamed up?)

and The Walking Dead theme

and the Doctor Who theme

and the Star Trek: TNG theme!!

Wow, those girls have been busy!
(yes, I know, I'm also behind on blogging, but still!)

Next comes the new.

Welcome Jason Yang.

How bad-ass is this picture? Totally bad-ass!

Not only does he play the violin beautifully, he also plays the keyboard and the drums on this amazing geek medley, which includes music from Game Of Thrones, The Hobbit and The Dark Night.

Also, his Skyrim cover is very much worth listening to.

Lastly and Newly(?) is Cosplay: Piano
This is where the lovely Sonya Belousova dresses up to match the theme song she is playing on the piano. And, wow, is she ever good!

Episode 1 is The Walking Dead theme

What are you doing?!
I'm pretty sure that playing the piano during a zombie Apocalypse is an even worse idea than playing on a battlefield! Oh wait, the zombie just wants to play the violin, I guess that's ok.

Episode 2 is The Batman theme, where we find the lovely Sonya all deck out as Catwoman

Episode 3 is The Superman theme

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's a PIANO!! 
Best headline ever!

Episode 4 (the last so far) is the Game Of Thrones theme!
just in case you haven't heard it enough yet.

This is a super impressive video. The costuming and settings and background characters are definitely worth checking out (even if you are getting sick of the song)

Well, that's all I've got for now. Tune back in (hopefully soon) for more blogging madness and more amazing geek music.

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