Friday, August 23, 2013

How Not To Be A Convention Creeper

With FanExpo happening in Toronto this weekend, I thought that it would be a great time to remind guys and girls alike, not to be creepy.

Now, I know this seems like logic to most people, but I was surprised how handy it came in today when I was at the convention today.
I was watching other people take pictures of cosplayers and some of them were a little weird about it. 

I remembered this video and made a point of being extra nice to the people I asked to take their picture. It never hurts to be polite and most of the people I talked to seemed genuinely happy to stop and pose for me. I made sure to tell them how much I loved their costumes and thanked them profusely for taking the time to stop and oblige my request.

Now, not everyone is that way. I think it's important for cosplayers to show a little respect as well. I understand that you've probably had your picture taken a lot and maybe you're getting sick of stopping every five feet. I've also been there. 
For times like these, when you plan on being in costume for most of the day, take an extra pair of regular clothes with you. That way, when you've hit your picture maximum, you can change out of your Super Suit and become Clark Kent again.

If you're rushing around trying to get to a panel and people keep stopping you, don't be rude. Politely tell them that you're running late to see (insert awesome geek icon here). We're all geeks here, we get it. If they still insist, tell them that if they come back after the panel is over, you'd be more than happy to have them take your picture then.

Basically, we're all humans, packed into a tiny space with so many geeky things to overwhelm us. As long as we're all polite to one another, these things should go smoothly. 

If you see someone being inappropriate or harassing someone, go find someone working the con and report it. That way, the person doing the harassing is made aware that what they're doing is wrong and will hopefully curb their behavior for next time. It also shows others that that behavior will not be tolerated and that someone is looking out for them.

So go out there, be nice and have fun. That way everybody wins.

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